Our Houston Programming Bootcamp Launches Its Second Class

What do you get when you cross two sets of brothers, three educators, and several oil-industry professionals? If you guessed a few of the students in Houston's latest coding bootcamp cohort, you are some kind of wizard.

Monday morning, 18 complete strangers sat down to begin an amazing 16-week transformation together as a part of our second Full Stack Immersive Program in Houston. After a brief presentation welcoming them and reviewing what they could expect over the next four-month journey, students wasted no time diving into the fundamentals of programming by covering Git and Python.

Because everyone loves talking about themselves, right?

Amid a flurry of goodie bags, DigitalCrafts T-shirts, and stickers (so many stickers), students began setting up their development enviroments and installing the dependencies they will need in the coming weeks. There were, as always, some issues with pre-existing installs and settings, as would be expected from so many different devices. However, the students patiently explored their machines with the help of our Lead Instructor and our two amazing Developers-in-Residence until, at last, everyone was ready to begin.

To cap off the first day, everyone walked to the local burger joint that hosts such exotic bites as lamb chutney hotdogs and bison cheeseburgers. Over crazy-delicious burgers and local craft-brewed beer, students had the opportunity to learn more about one another, sharing their backgrounds, career goals, and how much better their burger choice was than the others.

By the morning of day two, the class had settled into the groove, beginning the day going over what they covered the first day and extending their work with Python. Working by themselves and in pairs, students took several big steps towards becoming professional full stack developers.

We are super proud of our newest group of builders in Houston, and we look forward to sharing tons of amazing stories over the next 16 weeks as they progress towards their goals. If you would like to learn more about our course, please click here to fill out your application, and we will send you our course packet, as well information about the next steps in our admissions process.


Jason Ephraim

Campus Director, Houston