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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help.

Our Mission

We exist to create a community of builders, each equipped with the skills and tools necessary to breathe life into ideas, whether as entrepreneurs or as software engineers.


  • What is DigitalCrafts?

    DigitalCrafts is an Accelerated Learning Program (more affectionately known as a code school or coding bootcamp). Basically, we turn beginners into full-stack software engineers. Our Atlanta Campus is located in the Atlanta Tech Village. Our Houston Campus is located in the new Headquarters Building.

  • Am I guaranteed to find a job upon graduation?

    We do not offer any job guarantees. That said, immersive students will have access to our employer network, strategic partners like LaunchCode, interview training, and resume guidance. We do everything in our power to help our immersive students find the best jobs possible, but success in the job market takes a significant commitment from both DigitalCrafts and the job seeker.

    The most successful students work diligently throughout the course and take that work ethic with them into their job search. It’s important to understand success in the job market is the result of hard work, persistence, and continued practice. Don’t think you can stop learning just because you graduated!

  • I’m from out of town, what are my options?

    We love getting the opportunity to show newcomers around our great cities! While we don't currently offer housing to students, we're happy to make suggestions or introduce you to other students from out of town if you're interested in a roommate.

    If you're concerned about applying remotely, have no fear! We'll work with you to schedule a remote interview. We are high tech after all!

  • How much is tuition?

    Base tuition for our 16-Week Immersive Bootcamp is $12,950. Once you’ve completed the application process and been officially accepted into the program, a $1,000 deposit is required to secure your seat.

    Electives: Tuition for our evening electives is an additional $1,000 for immersive students and alumni.

  • Is financing available?

    Yes! We’ve partnered with Skills Fund to provide affordable financing options for our immersive students. Reach out to learn more. You can give us a holler at or (770) 858 - 5806.

    There are also plenty of options outside of our partnerships, such as WeFinance, Upstart, GoFundVeterans, SoFi, or asking your employer to help fund your education. It never looks bad to ask for more training, and you might just be surprised by what you hear!

    Please note: if you are accepted and intend to finance your tuition through one of our financing partners, you will need to be approved as a borrower and submit your deposit to officially secure your seat in class. Due to the nature of the loan terms, the deposit may not be eligible for financing.

  • What about scholarships?

    Part of our mission as a school is to make a career in software as accessible as possible to the underrepresented, the highly gifted, and the veterans who keep our country safe. To this end, we are proud to offer various scholarships to assist women, minorities, veterans, and builders with especially inspiring stories take hold of their careers.

    Each scholarship recipient may be awarded $500 - $2000 in credit toward the total tuition of our immersive program. Please note: many students apply for a scholarship, and an application doesn't guarantee an award!

    • Diversity Scholarship
    • Military Personnel Scholarship
    • Builder Scholarship

  • Can I use 529 funds or the Workforce Investment Act?

    Unfortunately, DigitalCrafts doesn't qualify for 529 funds or WIA assistance.

  • May international students enroll? What about visa sponsorship?

    International students are welcome to apply to and enroll in our program. We've had students join us from all over!

    Unfortunately, we cannot assist with or sponsor student visas. That said, if you can attend one of our campuses (legally) for the duration of class, you're welcome to join us!

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  • What level of experience do I need?

    Our curriculum is crafted with beginners in mind, so...none. That said, once accepted into the immersive program, you will be required to complete 2+ weeks of prerequisite assignments to ensure each student arrives on the first day with a strong understanding of basic web development fundamentals. You will also be asked to learn some basic Javascript concepts in order to prepare for your code challenge during the application process.

  • Can I visit before I apply?

    Of course, you're welcome to visit either of our campuses and meet the team before or after you submit an application. If a class is in session, you may even get a look at our builders in action!

  • Are there any equipment requirements?

    Yes, you are required to use a Mac for class. Most professional developers use Macs these days, which means a lot of great developer tools are built specifically for Mac. Plus, Mac comes with Linux already installed, and if a student with a Windows machine were to encounter a problem, it would be difficult and time consuming for our instructor to troubleshoot.

    Minimum Specs: Any Macbook (Standard, Pro, or Air) with Apple's latest OS installed that runs smoothly.

  • What is the application process like?

    1) Apply Online
    2) Informal Interview
    3) Code Challenge

    After you submit an application, a member from our admissions team will be in touch shortly. Should your application qualify, we'll schedule an informal interview to better get to know one another and to ensure our program is the right fit for your goals and expectations. While we prefer that interviews be in-person, we'll work with you if you'd prefer to complete the admissions process remotely. If everything seems like a good fit, we'll provide a Javascript code challenge along with learning resources and instructions.

    If you're a true beginner, don't be deterred, just brush up on the topics assigned and you'll be fine! We've found that requiring a little extra effort from prospective students is the most effective way to ensure applicants have the motivation necessary to successfully complete (and enjoy) our rigorous curriculum.

    We typically make admissions decisions in groups at the midpoint and end of each month. If accepted, you will receive an official acceptance letter, as well as a welcome packet containing additional course information and prerequisite work assignments.

  • How can I ace the interview?

    Take your time with the application. First impressions are important in the job search, and if your application shows a general lack of effort, we assume your classroom work will as well. We’re looking for motivated, bright people who are sincere in their desire to learn and build. Demonstrate that you’re a nice person with the aptitude and drive to succeed, and you’ll be just fine!

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    Curriculum & Class

  • Is there any pre-work required before class starts?

    Yes, once you are accepted into the immersive program and secure your seat, you will receive a collection of pre-work assignments that should be completed before class. Pre-work is designed to make sure all of our students arrive on day 1 with a basic understanding of web fundamentals.

  • Will I be provided with any hardware or software?

    We provide each immersive student with a 21.5" external monitor to help keep the code flowing!

    All of the software you’ll need for the immersive class is free. That said, there are a few paid software suites that are always handy, and we’ve secured several sponsorships and discounts for our students just in case.

    For the iOS elective, all of the necessary software is free, but Apple does require an annual $100 “Apple Developer” fee to submit to the Apple Store. This is not required.

    For UI/UX Design, you may be required to purchase a license for Sketch, an industry-standard design tool. Sketch costs $50 after our student discount.

  • How many students are in each class?

    Our average class has 13 students. If an instructor wants help with a full class, we bring on a teaching assistant as well. Each additional student means additional time spent troubleshooting, and we pride ourselves on running a very efficient and effective learning environment.

  • How much time does this take? What am I committing to?

    The Immersive Bootcamp is 16 weeks*, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Immersive students may also choose to participate in one of our evening electives, which are twice per week from 5:30-7:30pm. Duration of electives may vary with the subject but are typically 7 weeks (see The Program page). In addition, homework may be assigned to further concepts learned in class.

    The idea is to work your tail off for the full 16 weeks and beyond. Don’t plan any vacations and be ready to put your social life on hold. Learning a new craft in such a condensed amount of time is difficult, but it is certainly possible and well worth the necessary effort if you truly want it.

    *Class may miss certain days for holidays or otherwise, as indicated in the schedule on our website.

  • What is the attendance policy?

    We require students to attend every class throughout our programs, but we know sometimes life gets in the way. If you rack up too many absences, you may find yourself too far behind to qualify for a certificate upon graduation and representation on the job market. Reach out if you already have plans that can't be changed. We'll try to work with you.

    You can find any exceptions to a particular cohort's schedule (holidays, etc) on "The Program" page.

  • Are there grades? Will I receive a certificate upon graduation?

    Students who successfully complete our immersive program will receive a certificate of completion. Students who opt in and successfully complete an evening elective will have that accomplishment reflected on their certificate as well. Think of it as a "minor."

    While we may not grade every project like a traditional school, this is ultimately a pass or fail course. If a student is admitted but doesn’t put forth the effort required throughout the program, they may not qualify for a certificate upon graduation.