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Upcoming Classes in Houston

Start-End Dates* Program Availability Deadline For Early Enrollment Discount
Nov 28th, 2016 - Mar 24th, 2017
Except: 12/26 - 1/2/17
Immersive Bootcamp
Elective: Not Available
In Session
Sept 28th, 2016 - $1,000 Off Tuition**
Oct 31st, 2016 - $500 Off Tuition**
Apr 17th, 2017 - Aug 9th, 2017
Except: 5/29, 7/3-4
Immersive Bootcamp
Elective: CS + Code Challenge Prep
Feb 17th, 2017 - $750 Off Tuition
Sept 5th, 2017 - Jan 5th, 2018
Except: 11/23-24, 12/25-29, 1/1-2/18
Immersive Bootcamp
Elective: CS + Code Challenge Prep
Jul 5th, 2017 - $750 Off Tuition
*Dates & electives are subject to change. More on tuition.

Our campus is in the new Headquarters building in EaDo.

We just moved! Our brand new campus is in the Headquarters Building, a 45,000 SF warehouse redevelopment with a game room, coffee shop, awesome indoor courtyard, free parking, and beer on tap. Our students are loving the classroom, and we're beyond excited to be settled in. Come on by for a tour, workshop, or happy hour event and check it out! You can keep up with upcoming events on MeetUp.

Each student will have full access to Headquarters for the duration of class:

24/7 access to the building
On-site coffee shop
Game room
Large indoor courtyard with games
Free & easy parking
Beer on tap

Houston Pricing

$ 12,950
  • Immersive Bootcamp
  • 2 Full Web Stacks
  • 16 Weeks*
  • 560 Hours
$ 13,950
+ Elective
  • Immersive Bootcamp + Elective
  • 2 Full Web Stacks + Rotating Track
  • 16 Weeks*
  • 560 Hours + 24 Hours

*Class may be missed due to holidays or otherwise as detailed in the schedule at the top of the page.

We know you have options.

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Financing Your Tuition

We've partnered with Skills Fund to bring affordable financing options to our students.  We know our program is a big financial commitment, and we've lined up the best in the business to help shoulder the burden.  

Skills Fund offers 3 or 5 year loans between $2,000 and $18,950, allowing for tuition assistance as well as living expenses up to $1,500 per month while you're in the program. The online application (apply once accepted as a student) takes about 15 minutes, and you pay interest-only for the first 6 months.

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