10 Web Developer Jobs in Houston Right Now

Just learned to code and interested in a new role? Here are 10 entry-level web developer jobs open in Houston right now!


Remember: you're as likely to get a job interview when you meet 50% of the job requirements as when you meet 90% of them, so shake off that imposter syndrome and apply.


NASA: Junior Software Engineer


This position provides software engineering support to the International Space Station Operations within the NASA JSC Flight Operations Directorate. Individuals will work in a dynamic team environment and will be responsible for software design, implementation, testing, user support, and maintenance of software in support of the Mission Systems Operations Contract.


You will need some subset of the following skills: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, web development. 0-4 years of experience are required.



Workforce Opportunity Services: Junior Web Developer


Workforce Opportunity Services is a non-profit organization focused on diversifying the tech field through training and mentorship. As part of this role, you will be provided an individual mentor to help you learn and achieve your goals. 


To apply, you much have 1+ year of experience programming in an object-oriented language, and proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Python, HTML, CSS, SQL.



Foreflight: Web Developer


At Foreflight, the web developer will build and maintain web-based applications. Various elements of the site will include presenting various types of aeronautical data, and communicating with back-end web services. You will need JavaScript and HTML experience. 



Newcore Tech Group: Web Developer


Do you have a background in front-end web development with technologies including HTML, CSS and AJAX? Are you experienced developing customer facing sites and passionate about digital marketing? If so, Newcore Technology is looking for passionate front-end web developers to join their team in support of a large energy client’s digital transformation. In addition to web development, you’ll be responsible for developing customer facing website onsite with their energy client.



Rice University: Web Developer


Rice University is looking for a developer with 6 months of experience. You'll be responsible for designing and implementing new features and functionality, establishing and guiding the website’s architecture, ensuring high-performance and availability, and managing all technical aspects of the content management systen. The position will work closely with a team of graphic designers, content creators, other website developers and customers to ensure an effective, visually appealing, and intuitive implementation of current and new websites.


Revature: Junior Web Developer

Revature is hiring several junior web developers with JavaScript experience to build the next generation of software solutions.

AMSYS Innovative Solutions: Front-End Developer

If you have 3 or more years of front-end experience, AMSYS might be the right fit for you. They're hiring a developer to help build apps that offer an exceptional customer experience. Experience in HTML5, JavaScript and responsive web design techniques is required. Familiarity with RESTful web services, source control and Angular.js is a plus.


Entrance: Junior Web Developer

Entrance is looking for junior team members with working knowledge and some experience with the Single Page Application architecture and the component technologies. In this role, you'll create business information solutions by developing and maintaining SPA apps through the full doftware development life cycle. JavaScript, HTML and CSS experience are required; React experience is not required but is a plus.

IBM: Front-End Developer

Build smart cities, improve patient care and help cure disease in this role where you'll create high-quality apps. You'll need to know technologies such as HTML, CSS and Sass, and frameworks like Angular.js, React and Node.js.

FanReact: Front-End Developer

FanReact is a growing company focused on building user-facing apps for the eSports and social media industries. They're looking for a developer with at least 1 year of experience building apps using JavaScript, Angular, HTML and Sass.


Shar'nee Francis

Admissions Advisor, Houston