5 Black Tech Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

It can be a challenge to find stories of Black technologists, so we’re highlighting some podcasts led by Black hosts that will teach you tech skills and about life as a software engineer. 

Here are five tech podcast from Black people in tech to check out right now.

If you’re looking to learn more about the stories of Black people in tech

Black Tech Unplugged, hosted by Deena McKay, was created as a way to tell stories of Black folks in tech to help the listener hear what others have gone through to get to where they are today—even if that path isn’t a traditional one—and to share resources and advice as you navigate through your tech journey. 

Recent episodes:

  • Being the Only Black Woman in the Office Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be: Caren Young

  • Part time teacher (thanks Rona!), Full-Time Tech Lawyer: Bari A. Williams

If you’re looking for something that encompasses all things tech, pop culture and life

Techish podcast seamlessly blends together the world of tech, with current events and pop culture and with most episodes at or under an hour, this is a great podcast to listen to on the go. 

Hosted by Michael Berhane (founder of peopleofcolorintech.com) and Abadesi Osunsade (Product Hunt, Founder of hustlecrew.co)

Recent episodes:

  • Congress vs Big Tech, Megan Thee Stallion, Slack vs Microsoft, Black Emmy Nominations, Who is Rich?

  • Career Special: I Need a Career Pivot! Should I Have a Side Hustle? My Boss is Bothering Me!

If you’re looking for stories from Black women in tech

Modern Figures Podcast is a conversation-style podcast focused on giving a voice to the stories and perspectives of Black women in the tech community on all things technical, societal and personal.

The show’s two hosts have an impressive list of credentials. Dr. Jeremy Waisome is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering Department and Project Manager of the National Science Foundation Broadening Participation in Computing Alliance: Institute for African-American Mentoring in Computing Sciences. She received her Bachelor and Master of Science along with her Ph.D in civil engineering from the University of Florida. and Dr. Kyla McMullen, tenure-track faculty member at the University of Florida’s Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering Department. She is also the creator of “Beautiful, Black, and Brainy” and “Brilliant is the New Black” showcasing hundreds of young African Americans excelling in STEM fields.

Recent episodes:

  • Best Revenge is Your Paper

  • Working Moms Get The Job Done

When you’re looking for the Black female journey in STEM

She Too STEM showcases three women from Detroit and their journey pursuing careers in Industrial, Software, and Electrical Engineering, and so much more.

The show is hosted by Alanna Tremble-Winfrey, an industrial engineer working in utility services; Jeseekia Vaughn, a software engineer in the automotive industry; and Kayla Jordan, an electrical engineer working in the audio industry.

Recent episodes:

  • I’m Bossy

  • I’m Different

If you’re looking for a little bit of everything and feeling extra nerdy

Whether the hosts are talking about current events, providing advice on how to express yourself with confidence or having conversations with CTOs, journalists, or other tech professionals you’re bound to find something for you on the Coolest Nerds in the Room podcast. 

Hosted by: Stephanie, a regional information security analyst and chapter lead for WoSEC Houston, a lead for the WISP DEFCON Scholars and a delegate for Security Field Day 2. Co-host Reggie is a self-described tech nerd working to bridge the gap between hip hop and technology through podcasting, speaking and volunteering.

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Katherine Giddens

Operations Manager