Checking in With the DigitalCrafts Medium Publication

Did you know we have a student blog? That's right, DigitalCrafts has a publication over at Medium where we showcase our students' stories. 

DC Medium blog front page


Here's a sampling of some of the posts you'll find there:


Why Take a Coding Bootcamp If You're Self Taught?

Kelvin Mai - Houston (current student)

Kelvin Mei

This excellent post tackles an interesting question: Why bother with a bootcamp if you've already acquired some skills through self-teaching? It's true that some people can and do make a career after learning code through FreeCodeCamp or CodeAcademy. However, a bootcamp provides many advantages and tools for learning that you can't get from sitting on your couch with your laptop. Kelvin's post explores some of these advantages, such as networking opportunity, job and career support, and easily accessible feedback on best practices to make your code look nice and clean. He also touches on the crux of the issue of self-learning versus bootcamp: structure and momentum. These key elements of a classroom experience are very hard to replicate on your own (unless you're very, very organized and disciplined). 

My First Tech Convention

Logan Murphy

Logan Murphy - Houston (current student)

This post is great because it steps out of the class into the wide world of tech. Logan attended the Houston Tech Fest in October, and this post is a recap of that experience. He entered a raffle, did some networking, and watched some interesting presentations. He also joined a Meetup group led by one of the presenters (which he shares in the blog). 

How To Set Up an EC2 Instance With Github, Node.js and PostgreSQL

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Li Johnson - Atlanta (alumna)

We love that some of our builders also use the publication as a forum to share what they have learned. This popular post provides step-by-step instructions for setting up an EC2 instance in clear language with plenty of screenshots along the way. Written by a student for other students, it provides an accessible perspective for other new programmers.


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