Coding Bootcamp Pays Off with Job Offers for These Grads

If you’re looking for a job right now, it might feel overwhelming to hear news about the current state of the job market because of COVID-19. It can be tough right now, but there are certainly bright spots to be found. A career in tech can help you gain job stability in uncertain times, and while hiring has slowed, we’ve found that tech companies are still bringing new teammates on board during this pandemic. 

In fact, we’re excited to announce that several of our alumni have received job offers in the past few weeks. The job search requires hard work and perseverance, so we’re taking a moment to congratulate these students on their new positions, and to recognize the efforts of our Student Success team in helping them learn the skills they need to land the job.

Congratulations to These Alumni

Kevin Abbot
Intern at M1neral

Kevin Abbott graduated from our part-time Flex program at our Houston campus, and will be joining the team at M1neral as an intern.

Taylor Blocker
Software Developer at AFCA

Taylor Blocker graduated from our Flex program at our Houston campus last year. He’ll be joining the team at AFCA as a software developer.

Aylor Brown
Customer Support Engineer at Mailchimp

Aylor graduated from our Immersive program in Atlanta earlier this year, and she will be joining the team at Mailchimp as a customer support engineer.

Jonathan Cox
Software Engineer at LeaseQuery

Two weeks before graduating from his bootcamp, Jonathan Cox has been hired as a software engineer at LeaseQuery. 

Austin Denny
Junior Developer at Varsity Hype

After graduating from our Immersive program in Houston, Austin Denny served as a teaching assistant for another of our classes. He has recently joined the team at Varsity Hype as a junior developer. 

Reena Gouldbourne
Software Engineer at AuditDeploy

Reena Gouldbourne graduated from our Flex program in Atlanta. After graduation, she was a teaching assistant for another Flex cohort, using what she’d learned in class to help other students. Now, she’s joining the team at AuditDeploy as a software engineer.

Joetta Hall
Application Developer at Georgia Department of Revenue

Joetta Hall has joined the staff at Georgia Department of Revenue as an application developer after graduating from our Flex program.

Ephriam Henderson
Full-Stack Developer at Varsity Hype

Ephriam Henderson has been hired as a full-stack developer at Varsity Hype. Ephriam has been a teaching assistant with DigitalCrafts over the past few months, and we thank him going above and beyond for our students.

Gaura Klein
Full-Stack Developer at Luminare

Gaura Klein is an alum of our Flex program in Houston. We’re excited to share that he is now a full-stack developer at Luminare. 

Jackie Legacion
Full-Stack Developer at Varsity Hype

Jackie Legacion has joined the team at Varsity Hype as a full-stack developer after graduating from our Houston campus. Always eager to help others learn, Jackie has been a TA for us and has written a blog post on setting up a database with AWS.

Jeffery Molinary
Web Developer at Keller Williams

Jeffrey Molinary has joined the team at Keller Williams as a web developer—a few weeks before graduation, no less!

Alvin Ng 
Software Engineer at Medical Informatics Corp

Alvin Ng is an alum of our Flex program in Houston, graduating last year. He has been named a software engineer at Medical Informatics Corp.

Sue Park
Front-End UI Developer at Reprivata

Sue Park is a graduate of our Flex program at our Houston campus, and is now a front-end UI developer at Reprivata.

Sean Yim 
Software Engineer at AuditDeploy

Karley Petracca has joined the team at Formfree, where she is an integration developer.

Gerrit Van Leeuwen
Intern at Inspired Performance Institute

Gerrit was hired as an intern at Inspired Performance Institute—two weeks before his graduation from our Immersive program!

Sean Yim 
Software Engineer at AuditDeploy

A graduate of our Immersive program in Atlanta, Sean Yim is now a software engineer at AuditDeploy, after completing an internship there.

Congratulations, y’all! We’re so proud of all you’ve accomplished, and look forward to what’s to come.

Getting The Job As A Coding Bootcamp Grad

Getting a job is tough, and only you can put in the work to make it happen, but at DigitalCrafts, we'll do everything we can to help you along the way. Our Student Success team will teach you the skills you need for your job search, including mock interview practice, resume reviews, portfolio guidance and more. We’ll also connect you with our ever-growing Employer Network, a group of more than 100 partner companies who hire our grads, to help you get your first job after you graduate.

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Get as a Bootcamp Grad?

Our alumni have received offers from the likes of Slack, The Home Depot, the New York Times, BP, Turner Broadcasting, IBM, Facebook and other brand names you know. They have also received offers from startups and other companies like Big Nerd Ranch, Storj, Greater Sum, Narwhal Digital, Ware2Go and many more.

Building A Portfolio You Can Be Proud Of

Throughout your bootcamp, you’ll be assigned projects that help you build your skills. These projects start off smaller in scope and increase in complexity as you gain new skills. 

At the end of your class, you’ll have a number of projects to include in your portfolio so that you can show potential employers all the skills you’ve learned over the weeks of your bootcamp.

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