DigitalCrafts joins CIRR

Today, DigitalCrafts is very excited to announce its provisional membership in the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR). We're incredibly excited about being a CIRR member and releasing our outcomes data in the CIRR format, which we're committed to doing right away. Our placement metrics are posted online at Course Report as we speak!

Our dedicated Student Services team works hard to provide career support and guidance through tools such as a Career Week built into the program, which consists of mock interviews, career talks, and other career-centered activities; a detailed Career Toolkit full of career asset guidelines (for creating resumes, portfolios, and more) and job search tips; and thorough portfolio and resume reviews. We are confident that all of this attention that we place on career support will be reflected in our CIRR outcomes data.

What does membership in CIRR mean for DigitalCrafts?

We believe in providing our prospective students with all the information they need to make an informed decision about whether DigitalCrafts is right for them. The CIRR standard goes beyond a single "placement rate" percentage and provides a simple table to report all of the different outcomes our graduates have, including full-time employment, part-time and contract, entrepreneurs, and so on. It also goes beyond a single average salary statistic and gives us a format to report income brackets for our graduates, as well as common job titles. CIRR is different from most other reporting formats because it reports on every student who enrolled in our classes, making it completely transparent.

We realize that our program is only successful if all students who are seeking development careers after graduation are able to find those jobs, and we believe that membership in CIRR will hold us accountable to this goal. 

Comparing bootcamp outcomes to two- and four-year institutions

To the best of our knowledge, CIRR is the first time that any group of schools has come together and agreed upon a transparent, comparable set of outcomes-reporting standards. While we can't compare our outcomes directly to any other schools outside of the coding school industry, we can compare it to data available on two- and four-year institutions as a whole, where 55% of first-time students graduate within six years; 35.7% of returning college attendees ever finish; and 27.3% of graduates work in a field related to their major. We're hopeful that the CIRR standards pave the way for all higher education institutions to eventually begin reporting their outcomes data in a transparent, comparable format.

Transparent information

What does all this really mean for prospective students? DigitalCrafts is committed to providing the best-value bootcamp experience for our students, and that starts with providing all prospective students with accurate, easy-to-understand course and employment outcome information, so that everyone who joins our program knows exactly what they're signing up for. Beginning today, when you look at our outcomes numbers, you'll know that they are not inflated or skewed in any way, and have been independently verified and audited. The data will be presented simply and will be easy to compare with other institutions.

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Jake Hadden

Co-Founder, CEO