Get the Fundamentals In Our JavaScript Crash Course

For many, the biggest challenge of learning to code is knowing where to begin. With an unlimited amount of resources spanning the web, kickstarting your career in web development can quickly go from overwhelming, to daunting, to seemingly impossible. 

That’s where we come in! We’re hosting a JavaScript crash course to help you get familiar with the fundamentals—without getting overwhelmed. Over the course of an hour, we’ll cover the basics at a high level, showing you exercises and helping you get ready to push yourself to the next level of learning.

Our upcoming webinar covers the basics of the most popular programming language in the game. It’s geared towards beginners and will remain at 10,000ft, so to speak. Like we’ve said before, knowing where to start can make all the difference for beginning developers. 

For Starters, What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a text-based programming language that allows for the implementation of intricate and interactive features on the web. When you interact with things like a search bar, refresh button, drop down menu, you’re likely interacting with elements created using JavaScript. 

HTML, CSS and JavaScript work together to take basic text, stylize it and make it interactive, respectively. Because of its diverse functionality, JavaScript has remained one of the most popular languages for programmers to learn. 

Prepare With These Resources

Of course, it’ll be helpful to enter with a general understanding of what the course will cover, but it’s by no means required. Any and all are welcome to learn from this event! 

If you are looking to prepare, there are plenty of resources available, but these are our tried and true beginner resources that will set the scene and allow you to deepen your understanding. 

Interactive JS Tutorials

Codecademy: HTML, CSS, & JavaScript Tracks


Decision paralysis is one of the most common reasons why people put off making a change or learning something new. Take this opportunity to stop saying “I’d love to code one day” and instead, simply begin by taking that first step forward. We hope to see you there! 

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Chandler McChesney

Enrollment Coordinator