Getting In: Passing the DigitalCrafts Admissions Exercise

It seems counterintuitive, requiring a coding assessment of those entering a code school. You’re here because you want this skill, not because you already have it! So why is there a test to get in, and what’s on it?

Why Does DigitalCrafts Require an Admissions Exercise?

Joining a coding bootcamp is a huge undertaking, and students enter at various levels of experience. The admissions exercise is a quiz used to measure your current programming skill level and knowledge of our curriculum. This exercise helps us make sure that all incoming students possess a baseline level of technical proficiency. 

What’s on the Admissions Exercise?

Our admissions exercise focuses on entry-level JavaScript and HTML. It is untimed, open-book, and consists of 15 questions. Within the exercise, we will ask you to define and manipulate basic JavaScript variables, arrays, and console logs. We will also ask you simple questions about our curriculum.  You are welcome to use any outside resources that you want while taking it—even Google (a developer’s best friend)! In fact, we encourage applicants, regardless of prior experience, to open up the exercise, see exactly what we are asking, then focus their research accordingly. Our open-book policy makes the exercise more of a test of your resourcefulness and learning capability rather than a measurement of your formal programming knowledge. Since our courses move at a fast pace, the ability to absorb new information and apply it is paramount to student success.

Can Beginners Pass the Admissions Exercise?

Absolutely! Around half of our applicants have little to no coding experience when they apply. To pass the exercise, here’s what you need to do: study up, use the learning resources we provide on our Beginner Resources page, and tackle the exercise one question at a time. Many beginners worry that, even after passing the admissions exercise, they will be less prepared for class than other students. Once you’re admitted into our program and complete your enrollment, you’ll receive bootcamp prep work containing 40-60 hours of material that will prepare you for the first day of class.  Completing this prep work will help you start class with a baseline knowledge of the fundamentals, so that we can spend more time teaching complex technical topics and less time reviewing the basics. 

How Do I Enroll?

Your first step in the admissions process is to apply online. After your initial application is received, your designated enrollment coordinator will send you the admissions exercise and help you arrange an admissions meeting with our team. We hope to see you in class soon!

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Kanaiza Imbuye

Enrollment Coordinator