Slack Communities Developers Need to Join

The first thing I do when I get to work in the morning is grab a cup of coffee (priorities), plug into my standing desk, and open up Slack. I run through DigitalCrafts' company group, student group, and then I hop on over to my local and co-working space group. I feel ready for the day once a) I've had my coffee and b) have caught up on Slack messages from after hours. I think it's safe to say that most folks who utilize Slack have a similar morning routine. 

When our #builders join DigitalCrafts, not only do they join our student group, but we stress the importance of joining other Slack communities. Why? How amazing is it to have a community of knowledge and similar interests all in the app? Whether you're a junior developer, or have been coding since the days of COBOL, Slack and it's respective communities/channels is a great app to use. Since there are hundreds upon hundreds of communities in Slack, just relating to tech, I've broken down some of the top ones we recommend that developers join. 

Local Slack Communities - Communicate, learn, and network with those around you. Most of these communities have channels pertaining to jobs, gigs, events, Meetups, and general chit-chat. Make sure to check out their Code of Conduct before you join! Here are a few examples:

Your Specialty/Industry - Are you a front end dev? React? Java? These communities provide news, updates, libraries, and open source platforms, to say the least. 

General Groups - Let's keep the Slack Communities list growing with some general groups. Learn something new, enhance your skillset, and continue to grow your network. 

Workspaces or Office Buildings - Ask your Community or Property Manager if there is a Slack Community for your workspace? Not only can you post the wonderful news about there being cake in the breakroom, but you can establish an online community within your workspace community. 

Here is a compiled list of 2,000 Slack Groups and Communities based on different catagories. See a Slack community that should be added to the list? Let us know! 

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Liz Carley

Operations Manager, Atlanta