What Is A Coding Bootcamp Really Like? Two DigitalCrafts Students Share Their Experiences

If you are thinking about attending a coding bootcamp, there's a lot to consider: location, duration of the program and cost are all major factors when choosing a bootcamp. Another factor? Figuring out what a coding bootcamp experience is really like.

To get the answers, we interviewed two students in our Full Stack Immersive program to see how their experience has been so far. Katie Lane is three weeks in and still learning the fundamentals; Marissa Monivis is in week 12 and nearing the completion of her program.

Learning By Doing

Katie Lane's was ready for her first day at DigitalCrafts. "I was so happy the first day!" she told us. "That morning, if you would have told me I would be coding a Python game by Day 9, I would not have believed you."

Before coming to DigitalCrafts, Katie was a receptionist at a dermatologist's office. However, she felt uninspired with her position there. "They promised me growth opportunities but that didn't happen. I was so bored, I was literally reading entire novels at work," she said.

Now, fully engulfed in her course workload, Katie is far from bored. She talked to us about how she's juggling school and her personal life:

"I thought that I would have to code a lot outside of class, but I have a good balance. Class is over at 4 p.m. and I stay until 6 p.m. each night to review my notes. I'll admit that when I leave class, my brain is dead! I keep the concepts fresh by coding about 5-6 hours on the weekends, too." 

Katie also discussed her instructor, Chris Aquino, with us. Chris is a new instructor at DigitalCrafts, so she initially had some reservations. "With Chris being a new instructor, I was hesitant to join the June cohort," she admitted.

However, we're happy to report he has far exceeded her expectations! "He is fantastic," Katie said. "Chris challenges us to work through the problem instead of just giving us the answer. We don't copy and paste code, we actually write it ourselves." 

My Classmates Are My #1 Support System

Before Marissa became a DigitalCrafts student, she was an assistant account executive at a full-time advertising agency. She decided to quit that job and pursue her dream of becoming a UX/UI Designer.

"I came to DigitalCrafts with some experience in HTML, but Python and JavaScript were brand new to me," she told us. "My classmates are currently my #1 support system. The culture here is amazing. We are all a bunch of nerds that laugh and can joke around with each other. It's great!"

Marissa currently works part-time as a personal trainer while taking our Full Stack Immersive course. "My day begins early in the morning," she said. "I'm usually at the gym by 5 a.m. most days, then I get ready for class. I live close-by so my commute isn't bad. I love the building, free lunch Fridays and all the free snacks...winning! I am hoping to get a job at a startup at ATV once this program is over."

Marissa is also very happy with her instructor, Rob Bunch. "I like the way the class is structured," she said. "I like how Rob teaches concepts and then will explain how we can apply them outside of our projects. Everything has a purpose and real-world equivalent." Marissa's cohort just learned React.js, and she has decided to completely redo her previous projects using what she's learned. "React.js and Sass are by far my favorite," she explained.

Finally, Marissa had some great advice for incoming students: "This program has been an emotional rollercoaster for me from Day 1 until now. You will question yourself on whether or not you made the right decision. Don't worry—everyone else is wondering the same thing. I know I made the right decision." 

Marissa Monivis is on track to finish the course on August 9, while Katie Lane's last day is October 13.


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Zakia Whiteside

Admissions Director