What I Built: Throne of Games, A React App

Throughout our programs, students build a number of projects that help reinforce what they've learned. These projects are typically smaller in the beginning, then increase in size and complexity as a class progresses. The largest of these are the self-led group projects, where students spend at least a week building an idea from scratch to completion.
For their full-stack project with React, three students in our Immersive bootcamp have developed a dashboard of punny games with your favorite Game of Thrones characters and themes. Margaret ONeill, Eric Mauldin and Benjamin Hallquist have created Throne of Games, a mobile responsive app built with React.js, React Router, HTML, CSS and Illustrator.
Throne of Games features three games. First up is Tic-Tac-Tyrion, where you can choose your player and compete with a friend (or an enemy).
There's also Connect Four Houses, where Fire and Ice spar to see who can fill four squares in a row first:
Cersei Says is a Simon-style memory game that challenges you to remember Cersei's sound pattern or be forever shamed.
Shame, shame, shame.
You can play Throne of Games online, or check out the GitHub repo to find out more about how the app is built.
Learn more about these students via the links to their LinkedIn profiles below, or meet them in person at our upcoming Demo Day, May 31 at Atlanta Tech Village.

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