Why Programming Classes in Houston?

Last month, we shared some exciting news regarding the launch of our second coding bootcamp campus in Houston this fall. Naturally, that led to a new commonly asked question - why programming classes in Houston? Why not New York, San Francisco or some other well-known, vibrant tech hub? Houston was the clear choice for DigitalCrafts' second campus for a multitude of reasons, and we'd like to share a few of them with you here:

  1. The Texas Startup Scene is Hot:  According to a recent Xconomy Texas report, Texas startups have seen a 16 percent increase in venture investment deals compared to last year. What's more interesting is the fact that IT services have received a large share of the investments, accounting for $72.9 million of the $255.6 million raised to date. The health care services and software sectors weren't too far behind. Houston ranks third in the state for venture capital earnings, followed by the Austin and Dallas metro areas.

  2. Houston Welcomes Young Entrepreneurship: MoneyRates.com recently published the results of their 10 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs study. The state of Texas dominated the list, with Houston ranking fourth on the list followed by its sister cities - Austin and Midland. The Houston Business Chronicle mentioned Houston being favorable for young adults looking to start their own business primarily due to Texas' business-friendly tax policies. That combined with continued metropolis and educational growth has made Houston an exciting breeding ground for young, entreprenurial professionals - just the type that we're hoping to teach!

  3. Oil and Gas Sector Layoffs Yield New Opportunities: USA Today published an article earlier this summer listing a total of 350,000 layoffs within the oil and gas industry worldwide. Houston has been home to some major oil giants for years, but has seen drastic cuts in oil exploration-and-production jobs over the past several months. While some argue that these companies will eventually rehire their former employees, MRT.com shared results from a recent Evercore ISI study revealing that 79 percents of laid-off field workers do not plan to return to the sector. What does that mean? A lot of skilled, educated and driven individuals are eager to start a new chapter in their careers, and we aim to help them. Not to mention a great majority come from an engineering background, making them awesome candidates for a succesful career in software development.

If you're interested in programming classes in Houston, or simply want to brush up on your tech skills, we encourage you to join our DigitalCrafts Houston Meetup group to stay up to date on upcoming events hosted by our Houston code school. In fact, we’re hosting our first iOS Workshop at START Houston on Wednesday, August 10th where we’ll be teaching you how to build your first iOS / iPhone app using Swift, Apple's new(ish) programming language that replaced Objective-C. The event is FREE, so come ready to learn, network and meet our Houston team! Click here to join our group and RSVP. (Note: you'll need to a Mac with Xcode installed to participate in the project.)

Live in Houston and wondering if a code school like DigitalCrafts is the right choice for you and your career?

Apply to take our new student evaluation test to find out if you would benefit from attending a Houston code school. Once completed, our Admissions team will review your answers and get in touch with you to discuss your application and what to expect when joining a local code bootcamp like DigitalCrafts. 

We look forward to seeing you soon, Houston! 

Natalie Elmquist

Campus Director, Atlanta