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How Successful Are Students After a Coding Bootcamp?

In January of 2018, DigitalCrafts decided to join the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting aka "CIRR" alongside 12 other leading coding bootcamps who have all committed to analyzing and reporting placement data using a standard process. How successful are students after graduating from a coding bootcamp? Well, as a prospective student you are now able to compare each of these 12 member schools side-by-side and rest assured that you are using up-to-date and accurate data to make an important decision which will impact your career and life from this point forward.

Published 26th March 2018
5 minute read

Getting a Job After Graduating a Coding Bootcamp: How I Did It

DigitalCrafts Alumna Stephanie Asmar shares how she found her first job while still attending DigitalCrafts.

Published 5th December 2017
3 minute read

Looking for a Job? How to Work with Technical Recruiters

Sometimes applying to job board after job board isn't enough. Working with recruiters is an efficient way to get your resume and portfolio directly in front of a hiring manager. 

Published 5th October 2017
5 minute read

Getting a Job After Graduating a Coding Bootcamp: How I Did It

DigitalCrafts Graduate Aspen Hollyer shares how she found her first job and offers some tips and advice to students or others considering joining a bootcamp, themselves.

Published 29th September 2017
5 minute read

Atlanta Tech Companies That Are Hiring Right Now

Atlanta, GA, home of the Braves and known for its diverse musical heritage and southern hospitality was named the No. 3 U.S. city "Poised To Become Tomorrow's Tech Mecca" by Forbes. According to stats, Atlanta tech jobs have grown by almost 47% since 2010, which is approximately 20% above the national average. We've researched and found the hottest tech companies hiring in Atlanta right now. 

Published 7th August 2017
5 minute read

Getting a Job After DigitalCrafts: How I Did It

We sat down with DigitalCrafts Alumna Julie Dyer to hear how she landed a job while attending DigitalCrafts. 

Published 27th July 2017
3 minute read

Looking For That Elusive Software Developer Dream Job? Start By Branding Yourself

Find out why branding yourself is the most important thing you can do to land that amazing software development job you've been dreaming of, and what steps you need to take in order to get started right now.

Published 23rd August 2016
9 minute read

The Hottest Houston Tech Companies Hiring Today

Discover Houston's biggest and fastest growing tech companies, many of whom are looking for programmers and software developers right now.

Published 5th August 2016
7 minute read

Advice from a Technical Recruiter, "Tell Your Story."

DigitalCrafts was honored to have Walter, Client Manager at ExecSource, a leading recruitment firm in Atlanta, come share his advice on working with technical recruiters as a junior developer. During the class discussion, Walter provided an abundance of information which I felt would be valuable to our readers, so here you go!

Published 15th June 2016
10 minute read

5 Must Do's When Starting Your Job Search

As the Student Services Lead for DigitalCrafts, I am often thinking of the best techniques for our students to increase their odds of successfully finding a career in development shortly after (or during) our 16 Week Immersive Bootcamp. I've come up with many creative ways to set our students apart, but there are a few basics that each student must tackle to increase their odds of being successful. Today, I've selected 5 must-do's for all current students in a programming bootcamp starting the job search process.

Published 24th May 2016
5 minute read
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