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Top 6 Best Blogs for New Developers

Here we go -- a blog about blogs! But not just any blogs, blogs meant specifically for new developers. There are hundreds of tech-related blogs published daily, but which ones are worth the time and the weekly email to your inbox? We've taken the time to search the internet high and low and find the best blog resources for those new to the tech and development industry. Each blogger offers a unique takeaway and reassures the strength of the tech community. 

Published 22nd June 2017
5 minute read

Remember when typing was a skill?

Remember when typing was a skill? I believe coding is becoming what typing used to be. It isn't "necessary" in many positions, but it is highly desirable. I think the trajectory is moving us in the direction of "assumed." You might be thinking (if not screaming), "Yeah, but programming is a LOT more complicated than basic computer skills!" Granted, but read on.

Published 9th July 2015
10 minute read

Best city for learning to code? Atlanta is up there.

I recently had a prospective code school student ask the question, "why should I learn to code in Atlanta?" In order to layout a macro picture, I researched 4 key areas to evaluate if Atlanta is, in fact, an ideal city for learning to code.

Published 2nd July 2015
7 minute read

Which Programming Language Should I Begin With? A Strong Case For Full Stack JavaScript

Every website that survived the Web 2.0 phase uses JavaScript already. It is absolutely ubiquitous on the web whether native or in a framework like jQuery. The evolution of the language has created an extremely fast, one language solution that enables the entire stack. Node.js is one of the hottest technologies in Web conversation today, and JavaScript is featured in more job postings than you can shake a stick at.

Published 15th June 2015
8 minute read