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What is jQuery, and Should You Learn it in 2018?

Published 11th December 2018
3 minute read

Neato Burrito: JavaScript Promises and Async/Await

Promises were one of the first concepts in JavaScript that really made my brain melt. Then I was taught in my DigitalCrafts class to think of the assembly line at Chipotle, and everything seemed to click into place. And thanks to ES8, we got some syntactic sugar called ‘async/ await’ to clean up our Promises, giving us a shorter, nicer-looking way to write asynchronous functions.

Published 30th November 2018
5 minute read

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Since they emerged in 2011, coding bootcamps have been instrumental in addressing the ever-growing gap between demand (high) and supply (low) for software developers. But, "accelerated learning programs" are still a relatively new concept. So, "What is a coding bootcamp?"

Published 22nd November 2018
10 minute read

4 Bad Coding Habits to Eliminate From Your Routine

We all have working methods and coding practices that suit us, but it can be easy to pick up bad habits along the way. Ditching these four habits ASAP will help you become a more elegant and efficient programmer.

Published 7th November 2018
6 minute read

Why Do Developers Use Macs Instead of PCs?

Instead of starting a feud about Mac’s or PCs being better, we decided to find out what it is about Macs that made developers feel more at home. Who better to explain that, than the developers themselves in one on one interviews!

Published 6th June 2018
8 minute read

What are JavaScript Promises?

Whether you are writing code for the browser or the backend, programming in JavaScript means writing chunks of code that could run at any time in the future. For example, imagine a web page that displays trains schedules for different stations. When a user chooses one of the stations, the data for that station is retrieved from the network, and then that data is shown to the user. When learning JavaScript, newcomers must master a number of asynchronous programming techniques. One of these is the use of Promises.

Published 16th May 2018
8 minute read

Breaking Out of the Rut of Habit Driven Development

In this post, Houston Immersive Instructor Paul Bailey discusses what he calls Habit Driven Development, which ignores the complexity and nuances of programming in the real world. 

Published 18th October 2017
5 minute read

Student Blog: Best Text Editors and IDEs for Web Development

The first essential thing for all developers to square away is their development environment. In this article, recent Alumnus Andy Tuttle compares some of the most popular text editors and IDEs to help you get set up and coding away.

Published 25th May 2017
7 minute read

Web Development In 2017

Stack Overflow recently surveyed over 64,000 developers. Find out the results and learn how most developers learn, work, and grow.

Published 27th April 2017
1 minute read

Student Blog: What is Postman, and why use it?

Atlanta Alumnus and current Developer-in-Residence, Kevin Farmer, on the web development tool "Postman," and why junior devs should consider this a must-have tool in their arsenal. Read on!

Published 25th April 2017
7 minute read
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