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The First Week of Coding Bootcamp: What I Learned & How to Survive It

Find out what the first week of our coding bootcamp is like in this video from current student Harmony Trevena.

Published 1st September 2020
3 minute read

What I Built: Throne of Games, A React App

Students in our Immersive bootcamp have developed Throne of Games, a mobile responsive app built with React.js, React Router, HTML, CSS and Illustrator. Check it out!

Published 16th May 2019
2 minute read

From Social Work to Software Engineer: One Mom's Story

Find out how DigitalCrafts alumna Ashley juggled attending a coding bootcamp with the demands of being a mom.

Published 10th May 2019
2 minute read

Atlanta Bootcamp to Silicon Valley Startup: How I Got a Job After My Coding Bootcamp

Finding a new job can be tough enough, but add in a cross-country move to a new city, and you've got a whole new kind of challenge. Alumna Merilee Wheelock shares her experience and offers job search tips for new bootcamp grads.

Published 31st January 2019
6 minute read

Getting a Job After Graduating a Coding Bootcamp: How I Did It

DigitalCrafts Alumna Stephanie Asmar shares how she found her first job while still attending DigitalCrafts.

Published 5th December 2017
3 minute read

Alumni Check-In: DeeAnn Kendrick

From hairdressing to development: DeeAnn took her career in a totally different direction with her bootcamp experience. We checked in with her a year after graduating to see how she is enjoying her new path. Spoiler alert: She's loving it!

Published 10th November 2017
5 minute read

Hypepotamus 'Tech Talent' Features Three DigitalCrafts Students

Atlanta blog Hypepotamus is one of DigitalCrafts' favorite windows into the local tech scene. Recently, three students from the soon-to-be-graduating Atlanta Full Stack Immersive June cohort were featured in the Tech Talent section. 

Published 11th October 2017
3 minute read

Getting a Job After Graduating a Coding Bootcamp: How I Did It

DigitalCrafts Graduate Aspen Hollyer shares how she found her first job and offers some tips and advice to students or others considering joining a bootcamp, themselves.

Published 29th September 2017
5 minute read

Checking in with the First DigitalCrafts Full Stack Flex Cohort

Armed with a post-dinner cup of coffee and a heap of motivation, these part-time students are ready to flex their hustle muscles by jumping into a full stack bootcamp while working full-time.


Published 25th September 2017
5 minute read
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