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DigitalCrafts Corporate Services

Win the war for talent.

Your needs + our training & expertise.


Identify talent gaps and training opportunities that will keep your team growing efficiently and competently.

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Ideal for: hiring managers, team leads, etc.


Your team needs to keep their skills sharp to stay ahead and stay happy. Transitioning to a new technology? Implementing agile? We can help.

Duration: 1 day - 4 weeks

Ideal for: experienced engineers, existing teams, retaining talent.


Don't bog down productive engineers with the hassle of onboarding and training new employees. Imagine new hires arriving trained to your needs on day one; productivity without interruption.

Duration: 1-6 weeks

Ideal for: new hires, CS grads, bootcamp grads.


Create sustainable talent pipelines by training beginners or reskilling existing teams in custom-built, internal bootcamps defined by you and delivered by us.

Duration: 12+ weeks

Ideal for: recent graduates, non-technical professionals.

How can we help?

Let us know what you need, or just start the conversation. We're happy to chat over the phone or a cup of coffee.

Empower your workforce to new levels of productivity.


Identify skill gaps and training opportunities that will ensure a continued pipeline of success and help retain existing employees.

Blueprint & Proposal

We'll work together to define the curriculum blueprint before submitting a proposal for your review. Once finalized, we'll align the best-suited instructor(s) possible for behind the podium.

Deliver Solution

We can train on-site, off-site, or remotely. Realize a demonstrable return on investment with regular reports detailing student aptitude, performance, and progress.

Ongoing Support

Senior DigitalCrafts resources are available for periodic code reviews, check-ins, or additional tutoring for team members who may need extra help ramping up on the job.

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Java JavaScript Python Kotlin C# Apex Visualforce Scala Swift Objective-C Elixir Erlang Go C HTML CSS PHP Perl TypeScript
Libraries & Platforms

Spring Tools Suite Android SDK Angular (1.5/2/4/5) ReactJS React Native ASP.Net / VB.Net Salesforce Drupal Wordpress Hubspot BackboneJS Bootstrap Cucumber Express Hystrix iOS SDK jQuery Swagger VueJS / VueX
Cloud & Database

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Azure ELK Stack "Elastic Stack" (Elastic Search) Cassandra CouchDB Couchbase DynamoDB Dynomite Firebase Hadoop Microsoft SQL mySQL Openstack Cloud Oracle PostgreSQL Titan (Graph Databases)
Methods & Skills

Microservices Architecture SW Dev. Eng. in Test (SDET) Agile / Scrum / Kanban / SAFe eXtreme Programming Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning / Deep Learning Test Driven Development Behavior Driven Development Cloud Native App. Development Data Science / Data Analytics Blockchain Development Enterprise Architecture Netflix Stack Progressive Web Apps Robotics / IoT (Edge Computing) Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions Architecture UX / UI / Graphics / UC Design

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