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We only accept quality applicants, and we only graduate quality developers. Join our Employer Network and gain inside access to a diverse talent pool filled with exceptionally motivated #builders. Our graduates are experienced in JavaScript, Python, Node.js, React, mySQL, Version Control, pair-programming, and much more.

Your team use a different stack? Many of our alumni are proficient with other languages / technologies, and they're all so hungry to learn that filling in the gaps will be a cinch.

Need senior talent? Custom training? We do that too.

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Hire full stack developers who are excited to launch their careers.

Our instructors have years of real-world development experience and it shows in our graduates. They write clean, maintainable code. They're familiar with the command line and AWS. They are well-versed in git, pair-programming, bug squashing, and the best part - they're starving for more.

Programming Fundamentals in Python

Python Linux Apache
Git/Github Console

Front-end Web Development

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript
Bootstrap JQuery Ajax
APIs Compass & SASS

Full Stack Web Development

Node.js Npm / Modules
Express mySQL HTTP
Curl Get & Post Content

JavaScript & the MERN Stack

Advanced JS React.js
Routing Redux Socket.IO
Terminal/SSH SPAs
Amazon Web Services

DigitalCrafts Employer Network

No obligations, no costs, just talent.

DigitalCrafts Corporate Services

Our Employer Network isn't always enough for complex organizations' talent needs. Whether you're hiring senior engineers, cloud architects, reskilling existing teams, or want to install a completely custom onboarding bootcamp to train new hires, we can help.

Let us know where your pain points are, or let us find them for you with our free 1 hour assessment. Either way, our Corporate Services team is here to help you win the war for talent.

All We Ask Of Our Partners

1) Review our graduates' portfolios and resumes if a position is available.
2) We'd love for you to join us for our graduation "demo day" event. We'll send you an invite!

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Let us know if you need a skill set that we're not teaching. We love feedback.


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