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Program Dates Schedule Early Enrollment Discounts Format Status
Flex (Part-time) 2/16/21—8/21/21 5:30p-8:30p CT (Tu/Tr)
9a-1p CT (Sat)
Enroll by 12/22 for $250 off
Hybrid Enrolling
Immersive 3/8/21—6/28/21 9a-4p CT (M-F) Enroll by 1/11 for $250 off
Hybrid Enrolling
Flex (Part-time) 3/16/21—9/21/21 5:30p-8:30p CT (Tu/Tr)
9a-1p CT (Sat)
Enroll by 1/19 for $250 off
Hybrid Enrolling
Immersive 4/5/21—7/27/21 9a-4p CT (M-F) Enroll by 2/8 for $250 off
Hybrid Enrolling
Flex (Part-time) 4/20/21—10/23/21 5:30p-8:30p CT (Tu/Tr)
9a-1p CT (Sat)
Enroll by 2/23 for $250 off
Hybrid Enrolling
Immersive 5/3/21—8/24/21 9a-4p CT (M-F) Enroll by 3/8 for $250 off
Hybrid Enrolling
Flex (Part-time) 5/18/21—11/20/21 5:30p-8:30p CT (Tu/Tr)
9a-1p CT (Sat)
Enroll by 3/23 for $250 off
Hybrid Enrolling
Immersive 6/1/21—9/22/21 9a-4p CT (M-F) Enroll by 4/6 for $250 off
Hybrid Enrolling
Flex (Part-time) 6/15/21—12/21/21 5:30p-8:30p CT (Tu/Tr)
9a-1p CT (Sat)
Enroll by 4/20 for $250 off
Hybrid Enrolling

*Dates are subject to delay or cancellation due to minimum enrollment requirements. Class status may not reflect up-to-date availability. When a class is full, a waiting list forms.
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The Hybrid Learning Experience

DigitalCrafts' online learning experience is unlike anything you've experienced. With top notch live instruction, supported by our proprietary Learning Platform, most students choose to take the entire class from the comfort of home. For local students who want to get out of the house, we also offer an (optionally) hybrid experience, coupling the flexibility of online learning with on-site Teaching Assistants and a community of peers. The hybrid experience is part of what makes DigitalCrafts so unique, and represents the 'best of both worlds' for any learning style.

Here's how it works: lead instructors teach each class remotely, leveraging familiar tools like Zoom Video Conferencing, Slack, and the DigitalCrafts Learning Platform.  You may take the entire class online if you wish, but our physical locations will also be open to those who want to work alongside classmates and TAs.

COVID: For students streaming class on-site, we have face masks available, no-touch thermometers, hand sanitizer, and spread out workstations with external monitors.

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Our community is in The Cannon: Houston's Largest Tech Hub

The Cannon began as a massive warehouse redevelopment, evoling into an incredible tech and startup community complete with in-house movie theater, gameroom, and dedicated health and wellness rooms. Students enjoy free parking and access to all the amenities the Cannon has to offer for the duration of class. Did we mention there's an awesome outdoor bar (and taco truck) on property?

Each student will have access to our space during class hours:

Free Parking
Coffee and Movies
Courtyard and Gameroom Lounge
Fully Functional Kitchen