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I am 8+ weeks into my 16 week course at the Houston campus' 1st Cohort. I can't stress enough the amazing value of the DigitalCrafts bootcamp! I already received and accepted an amazing offer from a fantastic company right after the completion of my first capstone project...If you are reading this then chances are you are trying to identify the BEST coding bootcamp for you. CourseReport is one of the reasons I decided DigitalCrafts was the one for me and that was hands down the best decision I could have made. I have seen several projects from students of other Houston programs and the depth and breadth of their learning as evidenced by their final projects is not nearly as impressive as our first projects. Damian, our instructor, is AMAZING! 2 out of 10 of us have already received offers and we are only halfway through the course- what more can I say?
- Karissa, BI Developer @ Vista Energy Marketing

It has been six months since I completed the 16-week immersive course at DigitalCrafts and can say that it has been the best career decision I have ever made. The course was an amazing way to learn the skills that are required to get a job to get a job as a full time web developer. Additionally the work that I put into my projects during the course I was able to create a portfolio that helped me to get a job in Palo Alto, CA as a Software Engineer.
- Griffin, Software Engineer @ LiveAction

I graduated from DigitalCrafts about two weeks ago, and have already had multiple interviews, one job offer (which I accepted), and for the first time in my professional life feel like I have options and control of my career...I can say with all certainty that this was the most positive experience with education I have ever had, because I feel like I came out of the program with real-world, career applicable skills that were so often lacking in my experience with traditional college settings.
- Eli, Software Engineer @ Insiten

I had a fantastic experience with DigitalCrafts. It's the most intense 16-week course I've ever taken, but I'm so glad I did...It's worth every penny, every hour and every ounce of blood, sweat and tears you'll put in. Honestly, everyone at DigitalCrafts cares so much about current and former students' success, it's amazing to me...I know it's a business, but these people are changing people's lives for the better, and if I had it to do all over again, I would absolutely choose DigitalCrafts without hesitation.
- Paige, Junior Developer @ Home Depot

I am officially an alumni of DigitalCrafts and I am beyond pleased with my experience. I graduated from DigitalCrafts almost two months ago and I can honestly say that enrolling this immersive coding school was one of the best decisions I've made in my adult life...The staff is amazing!!! They are very supportive and eager to help you reach your goal...I finished my course Nov. 2nd, was worried about the transition time between finishing the program and being hired, interviewed recently (almost didn't show up because I'm so hard on myself), and received an offer that day. I received a NodeJS/Backend developer position with a company that handles merchant sales. I'm so excited about where I'm heading in life.
- Shirlette, Node.js Developer @ Merchant eSolutions

I just finished DigitalCrafts Immersive Bootcamp, and it was a great experience! Prior to DigitalCrafts, I had very little coding experience. I had taken a part-time course at another Atlanta code school and done a little bit of self study, so when I was looking for a career switch I decided to come to DigitalCrafts...The administration was extremely helpful in the job search...They seem to genuinely care about the success of their students, and not just because it makes their numbers look better! They are passionate people and it really shows in what they've done with the school!
- Carolyn, Online Software Engineer @ Home Depot

It’s been a little over a month since I graduated from DigitalCrafts and I just landed my first developer position. I can definitely thank DigitalCrafts for that...I decided to attend DigitalCrafts after visiting and interviewing with all the other major coding bootcamps in the Atlanta area...Rob and Toby are both fantastic teachers who are extremely knowledgable and happy to work with you until you understand the concepts. Max, Jake, and Natalie make you feel part of the family and do a great job coaching you and helping you with job placement. I am very happy with my decision and would recommend DigitalCrafts to anyone considering going to a coding bootcamp.
- Dan, Web Developer @ Turner Broadcasting

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