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The Builder Scholarship

We build the web. So can you.


Part of our mission is to make careers in technology as accessible as possible. In addition to our automatic scholarships for women, Black, and Latinx students, we also sponsor The Builder Scholarship to award individuals with especially inspiring backgrounds and compelling aspirations. Tell us where you came from and where you are going with the skills you will gain throughout the DigitalCrafts program. How are you going to change the world for the better? Please note: we receive many applications per cohort, and an application doesn't guarantee an award. Recipients are not allowed to combine scholarships or particpate in early enrollment incentives.

You must have completed the Admissions Process already to apply for a scholarship.

Women, Black, and Latinx students need not apply for the Builder Scholarship, as scholarships may not be combined.

Awards generally do not exceed $1,500 for Full-Time and $1,000 for Part-Time applicants, and may be less.