Full Stack Coding Bootcamp

Learn full stack JavaScript & Python development and build fully functional web applications using the most relevant technologies and best-practice methodologies today. Our instructors all have over 10 years of experience and are passionate about training the next generation of engineers, and that starts with you.

Learn More With Evening Electives

Go the extra mile and dive deeper into Computer Science Fundamentals, Code Challenge Prep, UI Design, or iOS Mobile Engineering. These optional tracks cover highly complimentary skills for any developer's portfolio, and are a great way to distinguish oneself. Available as continuing education for students and alumni.

Career Support & Employer Network Access

Our students receive resume guidance, participate in mock interviews, and gain access to our ever-growing list of companies and hiring partners. Our Student Services Team is here to ensure you have the best end-to-end experience possible, but come prepared to work hard in the classroom and the job hunt.

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Next Class Starts in Atlanta Tech VillageJune 19th, 2017

Team Member

William W.

Hired at Narwhal

"I just graduated from the Web & iOS program and I never would've thought that I'd be in the position that I'm in now as a result of this course. Before even graduating I received two job offers, both for more than I have ever made. And because of the skill set that I've learned I honestly feel like I have the flexibility and freedom to be picky about a job and really choose something that interests me. I ended up accepting a third offer just after graduating, where I'll be working with Swift and iOS development.  Taking the DigitalCrafts course has been phenomenal and has been one of the best decisions that I could have made."

Team Member

Freddy C.

Hired at

"The experience I had at DigitalCrafts would be hard to top anywhere. There is an exceptional energy within the classroom, and the culture is dedicated to learning as much and as quickly as possible. There were several guest speakers who offered advice for the job hunt. The instructor was extremely passionate and seemingly tireless in his effort to ensure that every student was up to speed with every technology covered. The wide variety of technologies covered was the selling point for me, as it allowed me to really have an opportunity to figure out what I liked and gave me a more marketable skill set."

Team Member

Stephen T.

Hired at

"Although I did some studying prior to starting the camp, I had very little actual experience building anything. From the very beginning we jumped into building pages and working on projects. Initially it was very intimidating, but I quickly realized I was learning much faster when I was forced to push my way through projects. The course is always pushing forward but the pace is not overwhelming. You just have to be sure to put in the time to learn each concept thoroughly so that you can move on to the next topic. The instruction is clear and there is help available if you need it. I would not hesitate to recommend the program to others!"

"Places like DigitalCrafts are shaping the future of education. After earning 2 degrees over almost 7 years that led to dead end jobs, the mere 16 weeks at DigitalCrafts catapulted me into the best job opportunity I’ve ever had."
- Jonathan Melin, 2016

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