Agile 101: A Brief Intro to Agile Development

Unless you've worked in a technical setting, the terms "Agile Methodology" and "Scrum" may be foreign to you. If you're interested in becoming a software developer, familiarizing yourself with agile development principles and best practices will help you better manage a project through the development lifecycle. Don't know what Agile is? No worries, you've come to the right place!

Published 19th January 2017
5 minute read

Atlanta Tech Village Announces New Partnership with Honeywell

Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader Honeywell signs lease and discloses more details surrounding their $19 million investment towards global headquarters expansion in Midtown, Atlanta. The new Home and Business Technology unit will bring nearly 800 new jobs to the city. Where do you think they will turn to find Atlanta's top-notch tech talent in 2017?

Published 4th January 2017
5 minute read

Ultimate Guide: Coding Bootcamp Questions You Should Ask

Considering a coding bootcamp? Here's a comprehensive list of potential questions you may want to ask as you evaluate schools. Question #1? Make sure the school is authorized to teach in their respective state.

Published 21st December 2016
3 minute read

The Best Apple MacBooks For Getting Started With Software Development

If you are jumping into software engineering or web development and looking to get your first Apple MacBook check out this guide to the best and worst options from Apple's new and used devices.

Published 15th November 2016
12 minute read

DigitalCrafts is Offering $50,000 in Scholarships to Support Individuals Displaced from the Oil & Gas Industry

DigitalCrafts is pledging $50,000 in scholarships to help offset tuition to their 16 Week Immersive Bootcamp for those individuals who have been recently displaced or who are currently employed within the Oil & Gas industry to begin a new career as full-stack software engineers.

Published 21st October 2016
1 minute read

DigitalCrafts Students Win First Place at ATL Goodie Hack [Gentrification]

Team Mini City, which consisted of three current DigitalCraft student developers, can now add "Hackathon Winner" to their resumes! The team participated at the 2016 Goodie Hack [Gentrification] event which took place at TechSquare Labs, a local tech incubator located near Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. Participants were given 48 hours to form teams, conceptualize and develop a prototype that would improve or solve local economic issues. Team Mini City won first place for creating tech-enabled container modules that assist the homeless.

Published 19th October 2016
4 minute read

Best Tutorials For Learning Javascript & How to Build JS Applications

Boost your knowledge of Javascript with this free guide covering the top lessons and resources for javascript and building JS applications.

Published 17th October 2016
8 minute read

Meet the Houston Team. Welcome to DigitalCrafts!

I am excited to announce and introduce our newest team members here at DigitalCrafts. Meet Jason Ephraim, Campus Director, and Damian O'Brien, Lead Instructor, for our Houston Campus. Welcome to the team! Take a minute to read through the Q&As below to get to know both Jason and Damian who will be guiding our students in the Houston area.

Published 13th October 2016
7 minute read

5 Resume Building Tips for Aspiring Software Developers

Resume writing can be an intimidating task for many, especially if you are in the midst of switching careers, like many coding bootcamp students. The good news is that there are plenty of free resources online to help guide you as you begin to prepare for a career in technology. After some research, we've pulled together some helpful tips to keep handy when building a technical resume.

Published 26th September 2016
5 minute read

73% of Code Bootcamp Graduates Find Development Jobs, New Study Shows

Today, Course Report released it's annual Alumni Outcomes & Demographics Study. The study surveyed 1,143 graduates from 52 qualifying code bootcamps across the country. In this post, we cover the results and key takeaways.

Published 14th September 2016
4 minute read
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