DigitalCrafts Launches Part-Time Coding Class for Working Professionals

DigitalCrafts is excited to announce our first part-time class for working professionals. The new Full Stack Flex Program will take place in the evenings and on weekends, and is the part-time equivalent of our Full Stack Immersive Program, which has helped make DigitalCrafts the highest-rated coding bootcamp in Georgia and Texas. Admissions for the Full Stack Flex Program starts April 5th, with class beginning July 11th in Atlanta.

Published 5th April 2017
8 minute read

Student Blog: Best Text Editors or IDEs for Web Development

The first essential thing for all developers to square away is their development environment. In this article, recent Alumnus Andy Tuttle compares some of the most popular text editors and IDEs to help you get set up and coding away.

Published 25th May 2017
7 minute read

Why This CEO Has Hired 5 Graduates from DigitalCrafts

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job as Student Services Director is watching a student transition from DigitalCrafts into his or her first developer job. Earlier this month, TechRepublic released a study stating, "80% of companies have hired a coding bootcamp graduate, all said they would do it again" and going even further to say, "42% of tech hiring managers and recruiters said they don't have a preference as to whether a job candidate has a computer science degree or is a bootcamp graduate."

Published 23rd May 2017
5 minute read

DigitalCrafts Named Atlanta's Scrappiest Startup!

"Scrappy" is good, right? We certainly hope so, because now it's official: We're proud to announce that DigitalCrafts was named Atlanta's Scrappiest Startup at the first annual Atlanta Startup Awards event on Friday, May 12. The Scrappiest Startup Award recognizes "a startup that has achieved significant milestones over the last 12 months without ever raising equity or debt capital." There were six finalists in our category. Read on for more!

Published 18th May 2017
5 minute read

How to Write a Cover Letter That Shines

Yes, you should definitely write one, and yes, it's worth the extra effort to make it shine. A well-written cover letter can be an extremely important asset in your job search. Read on for some tips to make yours attract the right attention. 

Published 16th May 2017
5 minute read

Employers: Why You Should Consider Hiring a Coding Bootcamp Graduate

If you find yourself regularly looking for new development team members and have never considered hiring a coding bootcamp graduate this new survey proves you may be missing out.

Published 9th May 2017
2 minute read

Practice Makes Perfect. Well, Maybe Not.

Everyone has heard the saying "practice makes perfect," but in the world of software development it's more like "practice keeps you relevant." One way to remain relevant and share that passion with the world is contributing to the open source community. GitHub, a software development platform, allows you to do just that. Here are some DigitalCrafts alumni who are "staying relevant" by keeping up regular activity on GitHub. 


Published 5th May 2017
2 minute read

Web Development In 2017

Stack Overflow recently surveyed over 64,000 developers. Find out the results and learn how most developers learn, work, and grow.

Published 27th April 2017
1 minute read

Student Blog: What is Postman, and why use it?

Atlanta Alumnus and current Developer-in-Residence, Kevin Farmer, on the web development tool "Postman," and why junior devs should consider this a must-have tool in their arsenal. Read on!

Published 25th April 2017
7 minute read

DigitalCrafts Coding Bootcamp in Houston Launches Second Class

What do you get when you cross two sets of brothers, three educators, and several oil-industry professionals? If you guessed a few of the students in Houston's latest coding bootcamp cohort, you are some kind of wizard.

Published 18th April 2017
5 minute read
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