DigitalCrafts Launches Part-Time Coding Class for Working Professionals

DigitalCrafts is excited to announce our first part-time class for working professionals. The new Full Stack Flex Program will take place in the evenings and on weekends, and is the part-time equivalent of our Full Stack Immersive Program, which has helped make DigitalCrafts the highest-rated coding bootcamp in Georgia and Texas. Admissions for the Full Stack Flex Program starts April 5th, with class beginning July 11th in Atlanta.

Published 5th April 2017
8 minute read

Out of Room? What to Cut from a Developer Resume

A one-page resume is ideal -- but how do you know what to cut and what should be left in? Continue reading for some suggestions on how to edit your resume to make sure the important information stands out. 

Published 18th July 2017
7 minute read

Meet the Atlanta Flex Team: Jeremy, Adam & Rachel

DigitalCrafts is proud to welcome the newest members of the Atlanta team who will be leading our first Full Stack Flex program. Meet Jeremy, Adam, and Rachel!

Published 17th July 2017
5 minute read

What is it Like? A Day in the Life of a DigitalCrafts Student

Ever wonder what it's like to be a student at DigitalCrafts? We interviewed two current students and learned all about the early mornings, mini-victories and self-doubt. 

Published 11th July 2017
7 minute read

The Importance of Blogging as a Developer

Find out why blogging is important for developers, especially students.

Published 30th June 2017
4 minute read

New Faces at DigitalCrafts Atlanta: Liz Obermeyer and Zakia Whiteside

DigitalCrafts is proud to welcome two new additions to our admin team: Liz Obermeyer and Zakia Whiteside!

Published 28th June 2017
5 minute read

Top 6 Best Blogs for New Developers

Here we go -- a blog about blogs! But not just any blogs, blogs meant specifically for new developers. There are hundreds of tech-related blogs published daily, but which ones are worth the time and the weekly email to your inbox? We've taken the time to search the internet high and low and find the best blog resources for those new to the tech and development industry. Each blogger offers a unique takeaway and reassures the strength of the tech community. 

Published 22nd June 2017
5 minute read

Getting Started with Node.js: Part 4

Part 4 of Getting Started with Node.js. In Part 1, we installed Node.js and ran our "hello world" file through the command console. In Part 2, we took the same file and set up a Node.js server, and ran the file in the browser. In Part 3 we moved the content of our "page" to an HTML file. In Part 4 we will add a form to our HTML, submit it to our server, and accept the information on the new page.

Published 21st June 2017
10m minute read

Grab an Employer's Attention with a Resume Summary Statement

A summary statement can be a key part of a career changer's resume, reviewing your past experience and accomplishments, linking your experience in different fields to your base of core transferable skills, and demonstrating how you will make all this fit the needs of an employer. Read on for some essential elements of a great summary statement.

Published 15th June 2017
3 minute read

Our Students Have Done It Again! Demo Day Recap

Our students have done it again! Congratulations to the 16 DigitalCrafts graduates who completed their 16-week Full Stack Immersive program earlier this month. I know I speak for the whole team when I say it is always bittersweet to send a new group of builders out into the world after getting to know each one so well. Let's take a minute to recap Demo Day and recognize this group's achievements.

Published 14th June 2017
5 minute read
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