DigitalCrafts: Accelerated School for Software Engineering

DigitalCrafts is the top-rated coding bootcamp in Atlanta and Houston, and is amongst the best-reviewed programming schools in the country. Our programs are intensive classroom experiences, transforming beginners into full stack software engineers with cutting edge skill sets, project portfolios, interview training, and career support. We also offer rotating, evening electives for current students and alumni as an additional perk of joining our network.

The Team

All of our instructors have over 10 years of professional development experience. Our staff are passionate about software and love giving back to the tech community by training the next generation of builders.

Team Member

Max McChesney

Director of Operations

Max worked with a couple of startups before moving to Argentina, where he started a small web marketing service called Expat Assistants. He was a late bloomer to coding, but nowadays you can usually find him "upgrading" our site or building iOS apps in Swift. Max plays guitar, frequents concerts, and is a fan of the Dawgs.

Team Member

Jake Hadden

Director of Student Services

Jake is a UGA grad who began his career at Accenture as a management consultant. He then left for Interface, where he led a global innovation accelerator (think an internal shark tank). In addition to his Student Services responsibilities, Jake is also our in-house beginner and volunteer test subject for new curriculum projects.

Team Member

Natalie Elmquist

Campus Director, Atlanta

Natalie brings over six years of marketing experience to the team. From product to healthcare and broadcast media, she’s run the marketing gamut since graduating from UGA in ‘09. With a strong interest in emerging digital tech trends, you’ll likely find Natalie sitting in on a class or two when she’s not managing the day-to-day ops in Atlanta.

Team Member

Jason Ephraim

Campus Director, Houston

Jason has led marketing and business development teams for several startups and companies across the globe. He also has experience in event planning, web development, and graphic design. Jason brings these skills, his love for reading anything Sci-Fi, and his passion for empowering others to DigitalCrafts' Houston campus.

Team Member

Robert Bunch

Chief Instructor, Atlanta

Rob has a bachelors in CS, a masters in Divinity, and grew up in Iowa before living in Chicago, NYC, and finally Atlanta. He has 12+ years of development experience and most recently worked on the playoff bracket for Turner Sports. Rob is a published author whose prose is rumored to be as beautiful as his code.

Team Member

Toby Ho

Immersive Instructor, Atlanta

Toby is a veteran software engineer in Atlanta. He organizes the Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group and holds regular free programming help sessions. He likes debugging - the pleasure he derives from hunting down bugs is sometimes 'borderline sadistic'. He loves the art of learning, and gets a kick seeing students blow their minds.

Team Member

Paul Bailey

Immersive Instructor, Houston

Paul is a web developer with over 10 years of experience and a background in aerospace engineering. He is obsessed with web technology and created an award winning web application called Neutron Drive which lets you edit and collaborate on code in real-time in your browser. In addition to being a web and aerospace geek, he's a father of three and can cook a pretty mean pizza from scratch. Paul holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Team Member

Katy McElroy

Student Services Coordinator

Katy holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Texas with a Certificate in Editing from Washington University. Nomadic by nature, she's lived in Florida, Alaska, and Seattle before settling in Mexico City. With a keen eye for detail, and over 9 years of experience editing legislation, screenplays, and much more, she is deeply committed to helping students craft well-written portfolios and resumes that are the best possible representations of their skills.

Team Member

Tamby Kojak

CS Fundamentals Instructor, Atlanta

Tamby was a Senior Software Engineer at YikYak before joining HireWire as Director of Engineering. Tamby is a self-taught engineer, entrepreneur and pro-StarCraft player. Tamby's love for software started with building video games, but has since shifted into building consumer facing mobile and web products. Tamby is a frequent Hackathon participant and has scored 1st place at TAG's 2014 Hackathon and Microsoft's 2015 Summer Game Jam.

Team Member

Sarah Gaskins

UI Design Instructor, Atlanta

Sarah has 10+ years of experience as a UI/UX developer, most recently with startup sensation, Kabbage. Her keen eye for design allows her to apply her UX skills and collaborate on projects in a user experience capacity as well as UI development. Sarah is a fan of the Dawgs, holding two degrees from the University of Georgia, including a Master's in Internet Technology.

Team Member

Jeremy Duvall

Full Stack Flex Instructor

Jeremy brings a decade of experience to the classroom, and currently serves as an engineering advisor helping with subjects ranging from continuous delivery implementations to scalable, distributed cloud architectures. Hailing from a small town in North Georgia, he immigrated to Atlanta to seek a BS and MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and has since adopted Sandy Springs as his hometown along with his wife and wiemaraner. In his spare time you can find Jeremy covering his favorite bands (Foo Fighters, Zeppelin, and Floyd to name a few) with his friends.

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Coding Bootcamp Comparison

I graduated from DigitalCrafts about two weeks ago, and have already had multiple interviews, one job offer (which I accepted), and for the first time in my professional life feel like I have options and control of my career.
- Eli, Software Engineer @ Insiten, 1/2017

It’s been a little over a month since I graduated from DigitalCrafts and I just landed my first developer position. I can definitely thank DigitalCrafts for that.
- Dan, Web Developer @ Turner Broadcasting, 12/2016

I graduated from DigitalCrafts almost two months ago and I can honestly say that enrolling this immersive coding school was one of the best decisions I've made in my adult life.
- Shirlette, Node.js Developer @ Merchant eSolutions, 12/2016