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Atlanta Tech Village Announces New Partnership with Honeywell

On December 6th, Honeywell confirmed plans to invest $19 million into the global headquarters expansion in Midtown, Atlanta.

The new Home and Business Technology unit will reside on the fifth and sixth floors of the 715 Peachtree building, bringing nearly 800 tech related jobs to Atlanta. With that comes the question, where will they find the talent? Thanks to Universities, like Georgia Tech, and local incubators, like the Atlanta Tech Village and Switchyards, Atlanta has well positioned itself to be a top producer of tech talent. According to Bruce Calder, vice president of technology solutions for Honeywell, Atlanta Tech Village seems like a natural fit when it comes to looking for top-notch local talent and has recently announced details surrounding their partnership with Honeywell:

"The technology community in Atlanta is one of the strongest in the world, and the intersection for much of that talent is at Atlanta Tech Village," said Calder of the partnership.

Atlanta Tech Village founder, David Cummings, also commented stating,"Honeywell is poised to bring hundreds of jobs to Atlanta, and we are excited to serve as a catalyst that connects them deeper into the Atlanta tech community."

Honeywell's interest in Atlanta may come as no surprise to some. In September of this year, the company disclosed further details surrounding its plan to expand to Midtown. The city's low cost of living, proximity to a globally connected airport and local tech talent pool is what ultimately sealed the deal.

For more details on the recently announced collaboration, see the full article on the Atlanta Tech Village blog. While you're visiting their site, be sure to bookmark their event calendar for future co-hosting events, hackathon updates and more!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Honeywell!

Natalie Elmquist Natalie Elmquist Campus Director, Atlanta LinkedIn