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DigitalCrafts offers a variety of scholarships and grants to help make
bootcamps more accessible for prospective students.

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You Belong in Tech Scholarship

DigitalCrafts is committed to driving change and striving for a diverse workforce in the tech industry. Partial scholarships are awarded to underrepresented students in tech, including all women, African American, and other underrepresented, diverse groups—no essay required.

  • $250 scholarship
  • No essay required

Builder Scholarship

The Builder Scholarship is a partial scholarship awarded by a committee to applicants of any background with especially inspiring lives, goals, and achievements. Tell us how you plan to make the most of your education and time with us.

  • $250 scholarship
  • Essay required

Institutional Grants*

Alumni Referral Grant

Alumni can help friends and family save on tuition with a referral. This grant is awarded to a student referred by DigitalCrafts alumni, and a referral application is required. Eligible recipients can receive $250 toward tuition costs.

Lifelong Learning Grant

Looking to expand your skills? DigitalCrafts and AIUS alumni looking to attend a bootcamp in order to reskill their career path may qualify for this grant. Eligible recipients can receive a grant for up to 50% of the published program tuition. This grant cannot be combined with other scholarships or tuition reduction offers.

Educational Partner Grant

This grant is awarded to employees of agencies and members of organizations that are in contractual partnership with DigitalCrafts. An application and the appropriate organization name or tuition code are required. Eligible recipients are awarded a percentage of tuition (varies by partner) and cannot be combined with scholarships or other tuition reduction options.

Achievement Grant

In collaboration with select, participating employers, DigitalCrafts has established the Achievement Grant to assist eligible students with the opportunity to attend the institution. The grant is available for programs specified by the Institution; not all programs may be eligible.

Other Offers and Incentives*

Decision-maker Incentive

Save $250 on tuition when you submit your initial deposit within 5 days of receiving an acceptance letter and enroll in your class.

*Scholarships can be combined with other grants and tuition incentives; however, scholarships cannot be combined with other scholarships. Qualifying students may receive up to 1 scholarship, 1 alumni grant, and 1 tuition incentive. Note: the Educational Partner Grant cannot be combined with any other scholarship, grant, or offer. Institutional grants or scholarships are based on established criteria as published in the Institution's Catalog or on its website and are awarded after verification that the conditions of eligibility have been met.

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