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Networking Tips: Land a Job in the Tech Industry

Networking is making contacts and building relationships. It’s proven to be especially helpful in learning about job opportunities. But how has business and career networking changed in the recent times? How can you effectively network today if you aren’t able to meet as much in person? What are some networking options for job seekers who prefer or have to use online resources instead of traditional methods? 

Read on to learn more.
Published 15th October 2021
6 minute read

Tips for Success in Your Online Bootcamp

Here are some proven tips to help prepare for your successful online tech bootcamp experience, whether for your first or your next job in tech.

Published 23rd September 2021
6 minute read

Ace Your Tech Interview and Get Your Next Job

Get the job with these interview prep tips. We cover the research you should do, answers to common questions and the things you should ask your interviewer.

Published 17th September 2021
6 minute read

Financing Your Coding Bootcamp Tuition With Climb Credit

Are you looking for ways to finance your coding bootcamp? We've partnered with industry-leading lender Climb Credit to provide affordable financing options for our students.

Published 10th September 2021
3 minute read

Myths You’re Telling Yourself About Tech Bootcamps—And What You Should Do Instead

Some people (maybe even you!) still hold onto myths about tech bootcamps. Here are the top objections we hear from prospective students, and what you should consider instead.

Published 26th August 2021
4 minute read

DigitalCrafts is now part of the American InterContinental University System

DigitalCrafts is now part of the American InterContinental University System. Here's what that means for our future—and for our students.

Published 6th August 2021
2 minute read

7 Free Tools That Will Help You Level Up Your UX Design Skills

UX design is a rewarding, in-demand field. Here are 7 free tools to help you gain new design skills and determine whether learning UX design is right for you.

Published 29th July 2021
4 minute read

3 of the Most In-Demand UX Career Options

UX design opportunities are growing fast. Research, user interface and other UX areas drive better product experiences, and a rewarding career for you.

Published 15th July 2021
4 minute read

4 Reasons Why You Should Learn Cybersecurity This Year

With a career in cybersecurity, you'll be in demand and work in a rewarding field. Here are our top reasons why you should learn cybersecurity in 2021.

Published 22nd June 2021
4 minute read

DigitalCrafts Now Offers Cybersecurity Training

Learn cybersecurity and graduate job-ready with our cybersecurity training, kicking off Nov. 2021. Special pricing is available for the first bootcamp.

Published 25th May 2021
4 minute read