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Why Do Developers Use Macs Instead of PCs?

Instead of starting a feud about Mac’s or PCs being better, we decided to find out what it is about Macs that made developers feel more at home. Who better to explain that, than the developers themselves in one on one interviews!

Published 6th June 2018
8 minute read

Summer Coding Bootcamps in Atlanta

We've compiled a list of summer coding camps in the Greater Atlanta area that teaches kids various skills such as app creation, mobile & web development, and in some cases, robotics.

Published 22nd May 2018
10 minute read

What are JavaScript Promises?

Whether you are writing code for the browser or the backend, programming in JavaScript means writing chunks of code that could run at any time in the future. For example, imagine a web page that displays trains schedules for different stations. When a user chooses one of the stations, the data for that station is retrieved from the network, and then that data is shown to the user. When learning JavaScript, newcomers must master a number of asynchronous programming techniques. One of these is the use of Promises.

Published 16th May 2018
8 minute read

Top 5 Tech Meetups in Atlanta

 For Atlanta's Tech community, there are an ample amount of technology related Meetups that provide continuous learning, guest speakers, and community projects. 

Published 9th May 2018
3 minute read

Being a Woman in Tech

What is it like to be a woman in the field of technology? We sat down with four women in different areas of the field and at different stages of their career to get their perspectives. We discussed what interests them about their current field, some challenges they have faced, and what they would like to see changed. 

Published 2nd May 2018
15 minute read

Networking and Success at Coding Bootcamps

Half of the battle of attending a Coding Bootcamp is finding a job after the program. While applying to jobs online is part of the process, networking allows for face to face interaction with potential hiring managers. Take the necessary steps to stand out in the job market! 

Published 25th April 2018
3 minute read

Building the Future of Advertising Using ARKit

Advertising is the means of selling items of value to people. Whether you see a billboard on the highway or a poster on the wall or a commercial on TV, all of these are ways of advertising a product to the customers. In the future Augmented Reality is going to play a very important role in how ads will be presented to the consumers.

Published 18th April 2018
5 minute read

DigitalCrafts Joins The Greater Houston Partnership

DigitalCrafts is proud to announce that we have formally joined The Greater Houston Partnership.

Published 11th April 2018
2 minute read

Top 5 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Atlanta

They say it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Here are the Top 5 technology companies in Atlanta with the most fight, making them the fastest growing around town!

Published 4th April 2018
3 minute read

How Successful Are Students After a Coding Bootcamp?

In January of 2018, DigitalCrafts decided to join the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting aka "CIRR" alongside 12 other leading coding bootcamps who have all committed to analyzing and reporting placement data using a standard process. How successful are students after graduating from a coding bootcamp? Well, as a prospective student you are now able to compare each of these 12 member schools side-by-side and rest assured that you are using up-to-date and accurate data to make an important decision which will impact your career and life from this point forward.

Published 26th March 2018
5 minute read
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