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Create an Education Pathway with DigitalCrafts

Keeping your workforce’s tech skills up-to-date is an important step toward staying competitive and retaining your employees. DigitalCrafts is an efficient, cost-effective way to train employees. Reach out to us today and learn how your employees may pursue a DigitalCrafts bootcamp up to 100% tuition covered.1

Investing in your employees and their training can help provide a skilled workforce. Employers who invest in refreshing and enhancing their employees’ skills can better retain their talent pool and ultimately reduce external hiring costs. Working with DigitalCrafts may provide companies with benefits beyond reduced tuition costs.

Grant Options

Up to 100% Tuition Covered by Tuition Assistance and the DigitalCrafts Achievement Grant for your eligible employees.1 Educational Partner Grant which offers a percentage savings towards tuition for your eligible employees and their immediate family members.2

Flexible Schedules & Workplace Problem-Solving

Flexible schedules, off-hour training, real-life problem-solving

Helping employees prepare for Today's Challenges

Focus on real-life scenarios, on-the-job skills and knowledge

Alignment with Company Objectives

Hands-on skills from industry professionals

1 University grants or scholarships are based on established criteria as published in the University Catalog and are awarded after verification that the conditions of eligibility have been met. Students receiving a grant or scholarship, including the Achievement Grant, must continue to meet the eligibility requirements for the program. For terms and conditions of the Achievement Grant visit:

2 Immediate family members include: spouse, domestic partner, life partner or dependent (natural/adopted/stepchild) children only. Siblings, cousins, etc. are not considered an immediate family member.

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The DigitalCrafts Experience

Our bootcamps are designed to provide students with knowledge and understanding of today’s tech problems and how to solve them. Our online bootcamp programs provide your employees with industry-relevant instruction, hands-on practice, and skills.

All our bootcamp programs offer the following to learners:

Online Learning

With online learning, students have the flexibility to study from anywhere with an internet connection. Full-time and part-time classes are offered on a schedule with live instruction allowing students the ease of an online program and the benefit of hands-on project-based learning. Despite being online, all our programs are designed to engage and challenge our students at every step.

Multiple Learning Paths

With the option of full-time, part-time, or flex learning paths, you can determine which programs fit best with your employee’s needs and provide them with training options. With the Flex learning path, employees can complete their training after work hours, have access to an instructor for any questions, and complete their work on their own schedule.

Industry Professionals

Our instructors provide an industry-relevant curriculum that is designed to evolve in step with the industry. With live instruction and hands-on practice in our full-time and part-time programs, instructors guide students through project-based learning and interactive class discussions. Students who choose our flex programs can benefit from a one-on-one relationship with their instructor who will provide feedback and deadlines for assignments.

Explore our Current Certificate Offerings

Cybersecurity Certificate (Flex)

Learning Path Options:
Flex Credit-Bearing Courses

  • Time to Completion: 15 — 30 weeks
  • Topics Covered: Ethical hacking and penetration testing, IT, networking and cybersecurity fundamentals.
  • CompTIA certification exam voucher included

Software Development (Full Stack) Certificates

Learning Path Options:
Full-time online
Part-Time online
Flex Credit-Bearing Courses

  • Time to Completion: 15 — 30 weeks
  • Topics Covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, APIs, AJAX, Node.js. Express.js., Git, Flexbox, JSON Data, Model-View-Controller (MVC), PostgreSQL, React.js, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

With bootcamp certificate programs in the areas of: full-stack software development and cybersecurity, DigitalCrafts provides your employees with multiple program options allowing them to get the training they need on the schedule that works for them.

Our instructors are industry professionals who have spent time in their respective fields and understand the current demands of the workplace. They have problem-solved for a variety of different challenges. They provide support and feedback throughout the program experience and work to ensure no student is left behind.

Employers often meet challenges in finding employees who have the appropriate skills and training for technical positions. As a DigitalCrafts educational alliance member, you will have access to our active alumni network for recruiting purposes. Our alumni will have received training in the skills necessary to address the needs of your growing team.