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Program Overview

Learn UI/UX Design,
future-proof your career.

We're always iterating in response to the evolving market trends in technology. You'll learn the hottest tools of today, but more imporantly you'll gain a lasting foundation for the tools of tomorrow.

Our instructors are experienced UX professionals delivering a curriculum developed by and for UX professionals. You'll be taught by industry professionals, supported by ownership and staff who sincerely care about your success.

Classes are live-streamed online each day, marrying the flexibility of online learning with the interactivity of classroom instruction. Need a place to study? Co-working space is available for students at any U.S. WeWork location.

From exposure to our ever-growing network of employers to resume and portfolio reviews, our dedicated Student Success Team is here to help you throughout class and into the job search.

What is UX Design?

"UX Design" is a broad field that encompasses many roles, including User Interface (UI) Designer, User Experience (UX) Designer, Product Designer, and UX Researcher — all of which support the design of products, apps and tools you use every day. UX professionals play a key role in the success of modern products and services, keeping skilled designers in high demand on the job market.

Who is this class for?

The UX Design Bootcamp is suitable for motivated learners who are serious about launching their career in the UX field. You don’t need to have a design background, but your commitment to learning will set you up for success.

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Working in UX Design

A UX Designer utilizes a set of tools and practices rooted in design, psychology, and scientific research to help a business and its customers. Designers are often working alongside product managers and engineering teams, requiring strong soft skills as well as technical aptitude. At its core, working in UX is all about solving problems while putting people first.

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Careers In Design

The demand for UX professionals is growing rapidly across every industry, and "UX" is becoming more and more segmented as users' needs evolve. This segmentation creates myriad specialized opportunities to enter the field, including UX Designer, UX Researcher, and UX Engineer.

Learning Experience

You will learn the methodologies, tools, and best practices employed by UX professionals today, applying those skills to real world problems. Our hands-on approach to class helps cement the fundamentals and results in a demonstrable portfolio of full fledged projects you'll enjoy.

High Level Curriculum

At DigitalCrafts, you will learn the most cutting edge tools and strategies for the job market today. More importantly, you'll learn how to stay cutting edge for the job market tomorrow.

Understanding Users

This course covers user-centered processes to drive problem solving, iterative design, and innovative solutions. Topics included research methods to understand and empathize with users, synthesizing user data to inform design decisions, and solving user needs and problems.

Structure and Flow

This course covers the basics of content strategy and the fundamentals of information architecture. Topics include assessing, dissecting, and diagramming the structure and flow of an existing website.

Building the Web

This course covers the basics of web development. Topics include HTML and structural CSS.

Visual Design

This course covers the principles of visual design. Topics include wireframes, user interfaces, CSS, and evaluation of responsiveness, performance, and accessibility of websites and applications


This course covers rapid prototyping to evaluate and improve solutions. Topics include evaluating, creating, and revising interactions for the user experience on a website or application.

Product Design

This course covers building prototypes, utilizing feedback, and creating a voice and style for a new brand. Topics include team design sprints, UX writing and visual design skills, and real-world application of prototypes with users.

The Future of UXD

This course covers evolutions in the UXD field. Topics include up-and-coming technologies to improve experiences for all users.

The program definitely helped equip me with more tangible skills to be able to take to an employer. Michael C., UX Design, 2022

Live Online Classes

Full-Time | Part-Time

Times are listed in Eastern Time Zone, but students join from all over. The below schedule is meant to demonstrate a typical day, but every class is different.

Full-Time // 16-Weeks


Weekdays | Lectures & Assignments

Daily activities will vary. Students can expect live Zoom lectures, individual assignments, and exercises designed to enforce the UX Design topics covered.


Weekdays | Projects & Labs

A core component of the curriculum is focused on project work to add to your class portfolio. You will work collaboratively in brainstorming sessions, conduct user research, participate in group assignments, or work on real-world UX Design solutions and products.

Part-Time // 26-Weeks


Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

Like the full-time class, your day-to-day may vary. You may start with a live lecture via Zoom, work on design exercises, or actively participate in groups and breakout sessions to solve a real-world UX design problem.



Saturdays will pick up lectures and exercises from earlier in the week. Later weeks are reserved for project and lab time. Because class sessions are shorter and meet less often, students are also expected to complete assigned UX design homework and projects outside of regular class hours.

Accelerated Learning and Continued Development


Maximum Effort Required

This program will challenge you, and after a full day of class our students are often charged with completing additional assignments designed to push their abilities as far as possible given such a condensed amount of time. This commitment of time and energy requires grit and determination, but you can do it if you believe in yourself and put in the work.

Elective Workshops

Exclusive Benefit for Students & Alumni

A career in software requires a lifetime commitment to learning new skills and technologies. You don't want to look up one day and find yourself a Blackberry developer in the age of the iPhone! We hold exclusive periodic elective workshops for students and alumni to help provide continuing education opportunities in myriad complementary topics. Every technology professional has heard the interview question, "Do you have experience with _?" This is our way of filling in the blank.

UX Design Bootcamp FAQs

Base tuition for all bootcamps is $9,500. A refundable $99 deposit is required to enroll.

The remaining tuition may be paid in full before class starts, with an installment plan while in class, or financed over 3 to 10 years through one of our lending partners (though you're welcome to use your own if you'd prefer).

Scholarships and other offers are available for those who qualify to help reduce costs.

No, though prior experience is welcome, it is not required to apply to DigitalCrafts. Incoming students are assigned the applicable 'Intro Course' to help ensure everyone has some exposure before class starts.

In the DigitalCrafts UX design bootcamp, you will explore the field of UX and its many potential career paths. Some of the things you will study include working to develop a strong foundation in UX research, understanding the structures of existing websites, applying visual design elements, mobile application design, and interaction design. In module 5, you will create a simple website to learn basic coding skills. Finally, you will be guided into completing a strong online portfolio and in networking practice for use in any future potential career endeavors.

The user interface or UI is exactly as it sounds. It is how the user visually interacts with the website, chat tool, or any other machine-based component. An example of UI would be the color schemes and typography of a website and any other aesthetic visuals designed to improve the site's visual appeal.

The user experience or UX is how the customer interacts with the website on their customer journey. UX involves researching and understanding the site's target audience and creating the framework to engage that audience.

Both aspects are important parts of the user journey which is why the DigitalCrafts UX design bootcamp teaches you skills and applications for both.

New online UX design bootcamps start every month. . Our full-time bootcamps are 14 weeks with classes held every weekday from 10:00 am- 6:00 pm ET with a 45-minute lunch break. Our part-time bootcamps are 22 weeks with classes held Mon-Thurs from 6:30 pm-9:30 pm ET and Saturdays from 10:00 am-2:00 pm ET.

Probably not for the full-time format, which is truly an immersive Monday through Friday experience. If dedicating 40+ hours per week isn't in the cards, consider a part-time format, which is designed with working professionals in mind.

We strongly recommend a recent (~4 years or newer) Macbook with at least 8GB of RAM. Our instructors are proficient with macOS and may not be able to assist you if you have issues with a non-macOS computer.

8GB of RAM minimum, 16GB recommended. At least 30GB of free storage space. Reliable broadband internet for streaming class. Camera and microphone (laptop built-in is fine).

Chromebooks and iPads are not sufficient.

The UX design field is showing growth in the need for UX designers. Employment of Web Developers and Digital Designers is projected to grow 23% from 2021-2023.* The median annual wage for Web and Digital Interface Designers was $79, 890 in May 2021.* Potential career paths for a UX designer might include UX Designer, UI/UX Developer, Web Developer, or Web Design Specialist.**

* Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Web Developers and Digital Designers, at https://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/web-developers.htm (visited March 03, 2023). This data represents national figures and is not based on school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary.
**DigitalCrafts cannot guarantee employment, salary, or career advancement. The list of career paths related to this program is based on a subset from the Bureau of Labor Statistics CIP to SOC Crosswalk. Some career paths listed above may require further education or job experience.

Students receive career support with their program which includes portfolio guidance, mock interviews, and virtual career fairs. In addition, our dedicated Student Services Team is available to provide detailed feedback on everything from cover letters and resumes, to projects, portfolios, and emails to potential employers.”

DigitalCrafts offers students several options to pay their bootcamp tuition. For more information on those options, visit our tuition and financing page.

If you aren't certain or not ready to take the step to a full course curriculum, DigitalCrafts offers free introductory courses designed to give you a jump start on your bootcamp education. These courses allow you to explore our different course offerings and choose the educational path right for you.