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Team Member

My experience at DigitalCrafts was fantastic! I had very little experience before entering the course. My instructor was engaging and knowledgeable, and had real world experience as a developer. DigitalCrafts does a great job of facilitating the learning process and introducing you to the material. Just one month after graduation, I received a great job offer and am now learning so much in my current role!

Team Member

DigitalCrafts is probably one of the best investments I've made for my career. The curriculum and the skills that are taught within this program are exactly what hiring managers in the industry are looking for. If you are looking to up your game in this industry, I highly recommend. The best part is the instructors are seasoned vets. Not only do they know their stuff, they teach you how to approach problems and provide excellent one-on-one help when you need it.

Team Member

I absolutely loved my time at DigitalCrafts. The curriculum was high-quality, as was the instruction, but what really sets DC apart is two things: its small size, and the devotion of its team to student success. From the kindness and patience of my instructor and our TAs, to the affability and support of admin staff, there's no shortage of community & engagement. This was huge, and it made me really glad I’d chosen DC as the starting point for my new career.

Know that DigitalCrafts is the real deal. You will truly learn how to program. Be aware it's not easy. You will have to sacrifice much of your free time, come in early, stay late, ask questions, and, above all else, code!