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I had an extremely positive experience with DigitalCrafts and recommend it to anyone looking to break into the tech industry! Ciara C., Web Development 2022

Tech Education Crafted by Industry Professionals

Full- and Part-Time Bootcamps

Whether you choose to pursue Software Development, Web Development, Cybersecurity, UX Design, or Data Analytics, DigitalCrafts’ bootcamps are designed to train you in the current tools, skills, and strategies utilized in today’s marketplace.

  • Prepare to pursue a new career path in as little as 17 weeks with our full-time offerings or 26 weeks with our part-time classes.
  • Interact and collaborate with classmates using a variety of online communication and video tools.
  • Select the best program for you and attend class in-person at our Atlanta campus or join a live-streamed online class and attend from anywhere with a secure and steady internet connection.

Select the Best Program
for Your Educational Goals

Software Development Certificate

Commit to a full-time online program to study full-stack development including Javascript, React, SQL, HTML, CSS, and other skills and technologies to pursue a career path as a full-stack developer.

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Web Development Certificate

Study on-line or in-person in a part-time program designed to introduce you to skills and concepts surrounding programming fundamentals and development including Javascript, React, SQL, HTML, CSS to pursue a career path in web development.

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Cybersecurity Certificate

Explore how to defend against cyber criminal activity in a variety of roles like security analyst, risk assessor, or security engineer. Work on CompTIA Security+ materials, practice tests, labs, and receive a test voucher to sit for the exam.

From ransomware to espionage and everything in between, cybersecurity professionals are the first line of defense for businesses and government.

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UX Design Certificate

Explore the industry's commonly used UX tools and strategies utilized in today's product and technology teams. Get hands-on experience in UX Design Fundamentals, Information Architecture, UI and Interaction Design, UX Engineering, and Design Leadership.

Review how to bring your ideas to life through prototypes, wireframes, and web-ready designs.

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Data Analytics Certificate

Data Analysts are at the core of the decision-making process, weaving complex, raw data and numbers into digestible, visual stories that drive actionable change.

Throughout the program, you will explore standard data analytics tools, skills, and strategies in real-world scenarios, and learn how to effectively monitor and communicate your data findings to others.

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Try an Introductory Course

Get a feel for each subject’s curriculum and get a jumpstart on your
bootcamp education by reviewing complimentary foundational lessons.

Intro Course

Web Development

Review basic coding knowledge, tools, HTML, CSS, and Javascript to prepare for the web development bootcamp.

Intro Course


Review Cybersecurity basics including common tools, systems, and navigating the Windows Command Line and Linux Terminal.

Intro Course

Data Analytics

Explore Data Analytics essentials including Python, data visualization, learn what “pandas” are and more in this intro course.

Intro Course

UX Design

Get introduced to a few key concepts in UX and get a peek at a variety of skills and strategies used in the world of User Experience Design.

Full-Time vs Part-Time

Full-Time Bootcamps

Our full-time programs have been developed for high-achieving learners with the ability to study complex materials in a condensed time frame. Requiring motivation and tenacity, this class format is ideal for students who want to explore new skills as quickly as possible.

Is this the right bootcamp format for me?

This program is best if you’re considering a career transition and can make the time commitment needed for this intensive program.


14–16 Weeks (varies by program)

Class hours

10:00am–5:00pm ET, Mon–Fri

Weekly time commitment

30–40+ hours

30 weekly class hours

10+ hours spent studying or working on projects outside of class

Part-Time Bootcamps

Working full time? Study new skills and explore a new career path outside typical business hours. Whether you’re looking to upskill at your current position, transition to a different team or company, or pursue launching a startup of your own, our part-time programs are designed for the working professional.

Is this the right bootcamp format for me?

It’s an ideal format if you are currently working or have other commitments during the workday, and you’re comfortable with self-directed study.


22–26 Weeks (varies by program)

Class hours

Tues & Thur, 6:30pm–9:30pm ET || Sat 10:00am–2:00pm ET

Weekly time commitment

20–30+ hours

10 weekly class hours

+ 10–20 hours of self-directed study outside of class

Need a place to Study?

Secure a Co-Working Space with WeWork

Attending an online class but don’t have an ideal setup for learning at home? Students can optionally stream their online class from a local WeWork with an All Access Membership included at no additional cost.

  • Included with your tuition for online bootcamps only (approximately $1200 value)
  • Co-working space at over 500 locations nationwide
  • Includes access to common areas, hot desks, phone booths, and pantry
  • 24/7 access (subject to availability and standard business hours)

Want to attend an in-person class? Select bootcamps will be made available at our Atlanta campus.

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Why Attend DigitalCrafts?

“I was working as an actor and a baker to make money, and I just wasn't happy with what I was doing. The [coding bootcamp] that stood out was, hands down, DigitalCrafts. I did my research, and found [DigitalCrafts], with all the current technologies, an ever-changing curriculum, and a great network of employers, teachers, and fellow students. It was such an easy choice for me.” - Lauren R., Web Development 2019

Common Questions

DigitalCrafts is a technology bootcamp and training provider. DigitalCrafts bootcamps are amongst the best-reviewed in the country, and offer intensive live instruction educational experiences for full-time and part-time students across the country. DigitalCrafts enterprise solutions include custom training and onboarding programs, as well as software staffing services for companies of all sizes.

A successful entrepreneur once told our founders that "succeeding in business is simple. Do what you say you're going to do, and treat every customer like they're your first and last. If you say you're going to perform a service for somebody, do it well - most people won't."

We believe the above state of mind, a firm belief in honesty and transparency, and the hard work of our instructors and staff is what has set us apart. It doesn't hurt that our instructors are the best, our class sizes are smaller, and the cost per hour of instruction is well below our competitors.

In addition, because DigitalCrafts also provides staffing services to corporate clients, we remain a valuable resource for our alumni throughout their careers. We want to help our students find their 1st job, and every job after that.

Our alumni reviews tell it better than we can.

Yes! We have partnered with Ascent Funding and Climb Credit to provide affordable financing options for qualifying students. Reach out to learn more, you can give us a holler at or (833) 327-2387.

There are also plenty of options outside of our partnerships, such as WeFinance, Upstart, SoFi, or asking your employer to help fund your education. It never looks bad to ask for more training, and you might just be surprised by what you hear!

Part of our mission as a school is to make a career in software as accessible as possible to the underrepresented and the highly gifted.

As such, we're proud to award automatic partial scholarships for all underrepresented people in tech, including Black, Latinx, and Women students. We also offer The Builder Scholarship, awarded by committee to builders with especially compelling stories, achievements, and goals. More on tuition and scholarship awards.

Our average class size is currently 10-15 students. Your cohort may have more or less, as there is some seasonality in enrollment, but we always maintain an efficient and effective classroom environment.

Reach out anytime, our team is here to help. You can schedule a call, send us an email , or just give us a ring: (833) 327 - 2387. We look forward to meeting you.