Checking in with the First DigitalCrafts Full Stack Flex Cohort

Instructor Adam Szaruga sits at the front of the room with an exercise in JavaScript displayed on the television behind him. It is 8 p.m. Tuesday night, and the sun has started to set in the big windows of the classroom overlooking Buckhead skyscrapers. The class of 16 adult students is absolutely quiet in thought as they try to solve the puzzle in front of them. 

Flex instructor teaching course

Szaruga waits for the students to answer his question: “What’s the next thing we need to do?” The intensity of the silence is electric as these students are pushed to their limits mentally. Their thoughts are so loud, it’s almost deafening. Finally, one student, Cherie Lum, guesses--out loud--what the next step should be.

“Yes!” says Szaruga, as he starts typing the answer onto his laptop. The code appears on the screen behind him. There is an audible exhale of breath as students’ hands start click-clacking on their own keyboards, coding along, relieved to pause their thoughts for a moment and focus on writing their code.

Despite the late hours, this first cohort of Full Stack Flex Atlanta meet the challenges of part-time learning head-on by showing up eager to ask questions and remaining constantly engaged in the lessons. And they actually do their homework!

For most of the students in the room, the Full Stack Flex program is the perfect way to learn the tech skills they need in order to make a career change -- without leaving their day job. Many of the students came straight from their full-time job to class tonight. Dinner leftovers sit empty next to their laptops, and cups of coffee are abundant.

The 24-week commitment is longer than the immersive 16-week program, but equally as intense. The students still learn the full stack and receive career support, the same as the daytime Full Stack Immersive students. What also makes the Flex program a little more flexible is that students have the option to remote-in during class on Zoom. That way, no matter where they are, they are not missing class. The class is also recorded so that students can watch class again to clarify a tricky part of the lesson, or to catch up if they completely missed out. Students who miss a class earn attendance credit by sending in their GitHub links and a class summary.

Flex instructor, students, and window

This first cohort comprises people from all walks of life and professions, each bringing something different to the class discussions. No matter their current occupation, they all are making connections to what they already know to what they are currently learning, which is where the magic happens. 

We talked to Cherie about her decision to take the flex course: "I chose the flex program because not only is it more affordable, but it goes around my busy work schedule. I hope to successfully switch careers from banking into the tech field. As a first-generation American, I have always felt like I couldn't be a developer because I am a woman. I'd like to be an example of an accomplished woman in tech that other young women may look up to one day."

Written by Rachel Moldovan


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Katy McElroy

Student Services Coordinator