Come Hell or High Water: Houston's Newest Full Stack Immersive Cohort

Despite a one-week delay thanks to Hurricane Harvey, the Houston September Full Stack Immersive class came together for their first day on September 11, 2017. Despite major freeway closures and horrendous traffic, all students but one were able to make it in time to class. With so much uncertainty surrounding Houston as it begins the long road to recovery, it was inspiring to see this group of Houstonians come together to improve themselves and take the first step toward a new career in programming and web development.

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During the admissions process, we ask our students why they are interested in learning web development and where their motivation comes from. Here are some of our builders' answers: 

"My hope is that I will be able to leverage my academic skillset along with the programming skills I will acquire through DigitalCrafts to begin an exciting new career in web development." - Josh Westbury

"My motivation comes from being an entrepreneur and wanting to start my own online business one day" - Ahmer Malik

"Upon graduating from DigitalCrafts, I plan to secure a full-time position in my new career, however my passion would be to share my knowledge of software development with young people, and to make it more accessible and more relatable to high schoolers who may be interested in learning coding. My goal would be to empower them with coding knowledge to equip them for the future" - Ryan Hanna

"I am natural problem solver, math lover, deeply curious, and love to learn. I am a quick learner and have a natural aptitude for technology. The coding I have begun to learn on my own I have completely loved. I would like to expand my knowledge, and begin a challenging career that I truly love and enables me to make an impact" - Lora Griffin

DIR Aspen talking to class


After some introductions and administrative presentations, the class began the day by touring the Headquarters building they will be spending most of their time in for the next 16 weeks. Students were then given a chance to meet and explore the space on their own. Every cohort is different, and it was encouraging seeing so many students engage each other in discussion regarding everything from their aspirations to their backgrounds.

Several students, affected by Hurricane Harvey, also spoke about their hardships and challenges. Despite these, the affected students all seemed to look forward to the class as a fresh start and welcome change. 


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Jason Ephraim

Campus Director, Houston