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DigitalCrafts Now Offers Cybersecurity Training

Today I'm proud to announce the launch of our cybersecurity program! The first cohort begins in November, and the program augments our web development and new UX design offerings.

In addition to learning the fundamentals of cybersecurity in our program, you'll also be prepared to take the CompTIA Security+ exam, a certification that many employers look for when hiring entry-level cybersecurity professionals. You'll graduate job ready, with the cutting-edge curriculum and expert instruction you've come to expect from DigitalCrafts.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious attacks, and mitigating the damage when attacks do occur.

In the cybersecurity field, what you’ll work on will vary greatly, depending on the role you’re hired for. For example, if you’re a Security Operations Center Analyst, you could expect to work in shifts while monitoring networks for any malicious activity. Working as a Security Engineer, you might spend your day configuring firewalls or designing secure network configurations. You could also work in Vulnerability Assessment, running scans on networks and looking for unpatched vulnerabilities in software code or systems so that the configuration and patch management teams can secure the issues. There are many other job roles that a cybersecurity professional might fill, but the key thing that they all have in common is that they have a tremendous impact on the organizations they serve.

What You'll Learn in Our Cybersecurity Bootcamp

We're starting with a full-time option for our cybersecurity programs, with part-time training beginning in 2022. Here's what you'll learn in class.

Hardware and operating systems: Learn fundamental concepts that are key to understanding system security. You will first learn how hardware interfaces with software, and what binary is and how it works. Then we’ll go over how the Windows operating system works, and some of its key security features and flaws. Finally, we will get familiar with the Linux operating system, the important ways that it differs from Windows, and how to secure it.

Networking fundamentals: Learn the theory and practical application of how computers communicate. We will cover the OSI model, routing and switching technology, as well as network security models and important network services. We will also take an in-depth look at subnetting. Finally, we will cover how to capture and analyze network traffic with Wireshark.

Programming Literacy: Learn how software gets developed and some of the common mistakes that get made along the way. We will go over software security best practices and the different types of programming languages you might encounter. You will also learn basic web development.

Offensive security operations: This module will take a hands-on, lab-based approach to the computer exploitation methodology. You will learn how to think outside the box to gain access to remote systems, learning the tools and techniques that ethical hackers use to get into secure environments.

Defensive security operations: You will learn about secure cryptography, access control models, the threat landscape, network monitoring, incident response and forensics methodologies, vulnerability scanning, risk and threat assessment, and regulatory compliance auditing.

CompTIA Security Exam preparation: You’ll get ready for the CompTIA Security+ certification in this module. Security+ is the most highly sought-after certification for entry-level security positions, and earning it will be an important signal to employers. Many bootcamps claim their curriculum is aligned with Security+ concepts, but we mean it. You’ll graduate with your test scheduled and voucher in hand.

Applying to Our Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The admissions and financing options for our cybersecurity program will look much the same as they do for our web development bootcamp. The admissions process is just two steps:

  • Submit your application
  • Meet with our team to make sure it's a fit for both sides

Upon your acceptance, we'll send you an email with details about next steps like submitting your deposit and the pre-work you'll need to complete before your class begins.

Paying For Your Cybersecurity Bootcamp

You have a handful of payment options when it comes to your tuition:

  • You can pay your tuition upfront using a check, debit card or credit card. We'll send you an invoice about two weeks before your class starts if you choose this option.
  • You can finance your tuition using either of our preferred lenders, or you may choose another lender of your preference. Learn more about your financing options.
  • Scholarships are available, including our You Belong in Tech scholarship, a $1MM fund that offers partial scholarships to all Black, Latinx and women students—no essay required.

If you're not sure which payment option is right for you, that's ok! You can decide after you apply, and you can change your mind until class begins. Note: We are currently able to accept some VA funding for our web development program, but are not yet eligible to do so for our cybersecurity bootcamps.

I'm also happy to share that we're offering special pricing for the first cohort. Head on over to the program page to learn more.

Getting the Job After Graduation

Students in our cybersecurity program will get the same support from our Student Success team that all other students receive. Our Student Success Team will provide you with as much guidance as possible, including the opportunity for mock interview practice, resume reviews and lectures on strengthening your online presence. They will also coach you in creating a portfolio that clearly demonstrates your new skill set to employers, showing off all that you've learned in our program.

How to Get Started

To get started, read more about the program and apply when you're ready. Don't forget that we're offering special pricing just for the first cohort. We can't wait to see you in class!

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