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DigitalCrafts Intro Courses Prepare Coding Bootcamp

At DigitalCrafts, our bootcamps are designed with student success in mind. Our Intro Courses are one example of this success-oriented mindset. Proactivity and preparedness are often indicators of success, and in each of our Intro Courses, you will have access to foundational tools designed to help you meet the demands of your bootcamp.

What Are Intro Courses?

For most students, the bootcamp is the first time they’ll be exposed to the topics and concepts they’re learning. The Intro Courses are free of charge and designed to help you gain a better understanding of your bootcamp, as well as the career paths that best align with your educational goals. These courses are high level, helping you to get a taste of concepts you will eventually explore in detail.

“We want to make sure students have confidence from day one that they can do this, and that this path is right for them,” remarks Director of Enrollment, David Hiller. “We want to give them the advantage they need to help them be successful in their bootcamp.”

Intro Courses are also designed to give you a preview of what may lie beyond your bootcamp. No matter the bootcamp, career paths post-completion are varied and always evolving. Part of your work will be to understand these potential career paths as they relate to your academic goals, and what you’ll need to do to get there. Staff and faculty are available to help through resources that are realistic and industry-relevant in today’s tech world.

Why Should Students Take the Intro Course?

We cannot stress this enough: we strongly recommend that you complete your Intro Course so you can hit the ground running on the first day of class. The foundational knowledge provided in intro courses will help you approach your first day with confidence. For example, if a student is joining the Web Development bootcamp it’ll be beneficial to know what a code editor is before the first day.

“Students who complete our introductory courses come in with a distinct advantage and can learn much more efficiently as the curriculum ramps up. Everything is cumulative, so starting your bootcamp with a strong foundation is an important first step towards success in the classroom,” observes Max McChesney, Co-Founder and VP of DigitalCrafts

All Intro Courses provide early exposure to major concepts. For example, if you’re doing UX Design, you’ll get a chance to learn Figma and Miro, two tools that will be instrumental for bootcamp success. In the Web Development intro course, expect to gain early exposure to Git and Github. The mastery of both is necessary for success as a web developer.

When deciding on a bootcamp, taking an Intro Course can help you understand if this is the right path for your education. This early exposure to the course work has helped set past students up for success, but it has also given some people a chance to reconsider their next educational step.

“Bootcamps like DigitalCrafts have such an effective approach to education largely because we focus on the tangible skills that modern employers need today. That said, it’s never enough to simply show up and expect results,” relates Max. “Students have to put in the work, and that work starts before the first day of class.

Questions about our bootcamp or Intro Courses? Reach out to our enrollment team.

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