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A Sneak Peek into DigitalCrafts' Atlanta Campus

DigitalCrafts is the top-rated coding bootcamp in Atlanta and Houston and is amongst the best-reviewed programming schools in the country. Our accelerated learning programs are designed to transform beginners into full stack software developers equipped with cutting edge skill sets, project portfolios, mock interview training and career support.

In addition, DigitalCrafts Atlanta is located in the Atlanta Tech Village, which allows students to enjoy phenomenal perks and networking opportunities for the duration of the program. The Atlanta Tech Village is the fourth-largest Tech Hub in North America and is home to some of the brightest and most talented companies in the country.

As a DigitalCrafts student, you gain access to all the Atlanta Tech Village amenities, which include:

The Fitness Center

Whether you like working out alone or in groups, the Fitness Center has a little bit of everything! The Fitness Center is a great place to break away from coding and break a sweat. The Fitness Center is equipped with weights, yoga mats, boxing gloves, jump ropes and much more.

ATV offers free group fitness classes every day of the week, including yoga, boxing, and circuit training.

Atlanta gym class image

The Nap Rooms

That's right! ATV has two nap rooms in the building. Located on the second and fifth floors, the nap rooms are the perfect place for students to go and rest. Each room has a theme and a sound machine to help ATV members rest peacefully.

The Game Room & Community Center

Located on the first floor, the game room is a cool spot to kick back with a few classmates after a long week.

Thirsty? The Community Center has free beer on tap, or maybe you would rather create a delicious beverage using the Coca-Cola Remix machine.

atlanta tech village cafeteria

(Click the picture above to explore the Community Center in 3D)

DigitalCrafts Classrooms

Our classrooms are located on the fifth floor of the Atlanta Tech Village. All classrooms are equipped with a whiteboard walls, TVs, and external monitors for students to use during class.

Atlanta Tech Village class session

The Rooftop

If you are someone who likes the outdoors and a killer view, then you will enjoy ATV's rooftop. With plenty of comfy places to work on projects, the rooftop is a perfect spot to enjoy lunch, code in the sun, and work on group projects.

Atlanta Tech Village cafeteria outside

This is just a glimpse of what it's like to be a DigitalCrafts student. Want to see more? Join our Meetup and Eventbrite pages to receive updates on our next Open House and Demo Day events.

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