Top 5 Tech Meetups in Atlanta

Meetup is a social networking and membership site connecting those with similar interests and hobbies. There are thousands of Meetups in Atlanta, ranging from "Millionetworking" to "Nerd Fun." For Atlanta's Tech community, there are an ample amount of technology related Meetups that provide continuous learning, guest speakers, and community projects. To narrow down the list, we picked out our (and our student's) favorite tech Meetups in Atlanta! 

The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group 

The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup has over 4,000 members and has held over 150 meetings. Wow. The group tends to hold their meetups on Monday nights, once a month. What makes them great? Not only do they cover applicable topics and technologies, like Async Patterns & NativeScript, but they also invite guest speakers to open up their meetings. Developers provide mini lessons and code school newbies give their perspective on making career switches into web development. 

Code for Atlanta

Join your fellow technologists - "designers, data scientists, coders" - at Code for Atlanta's Civc Hack Night Meetups. Held monthly on Tuesday nights at Tech Square or Atlanta Tech Village, civic minded techies get together to discuss civic projects and then breakout for brainstorming sessions. Code for Atlanta also continues their discussions on their own Slack channel. Oh, and did I mention they provide pizza at their Meetups? Yes please! 

React ATL

React ATL is another monthly Meetup held on Mondays at Atlanta Tech Village with over 1,300 members. They kickoff their meeting with socializing and networking over food and drinks. Each month, they discuss trends and tools that impact the ReactJS community and ecosystem. If possible, their organizers bring in guest presenters to harp on their experience with React. The also have joint events with other Meetups, like the Atlanta JavaScript Group!

Tyrannosaurus Tech

Tyrannosaurus Tech provides a different Meetup format for Atlanta Tech enthusiasts. Rather than having a set schedule or topic, Tyrannosaurus Tech opens up their doors for "Office Hours" two to three times a month. The provide the community with free (yes, free!) face time with their developers and designers. If you have questions about debugging, what tech stack to use, or what direction to take your project in, they are here to help. Make sure to RSVP in advance as their spots fill up fast! 


Whether you're a beginner or well advanced in Python, PyATL is a great Meetup to attend! They welcome novice developers to attend because the community is always learning. At the end of the day, they want their members to "talk about their favorite programming language," especially when not in front of the keyboard. On their Meetup website, the organizers also provide Python resources and a list of Python consultants who are on the job market.  


Liz Carley

Director of Operations