Ultimate Guide: Coding Bootcamp Questions You Should Ask

Choosing the right bootcamp for you can be challenging.

It can be especially difficult to cut through the marketing speak and really understand the guts of a program. Many schools seem to teach the same technologies, and boast similarly positive reviews. The best advice we can give to any prospective student is this: visit a school before enrolling, and make sure to ask some of the questions below to help in your evaluation. The best judge is always your gut, so meet the people involved and see which school feels right to you!

Furthermore, as Campus Director for DigitalCrafts, I realize that for every question an applicant thinks to ask, there may be more they might not want/think/know to ask.

  • Maybe it's a concern that asking too many questions reflects badly upon an applicant?
  • Or, it's the fact that people just starting the process of evaluating coding bootcamps simply don't know to ask.
  • Or, they are in a rush and don't have/take the time to ask all but those questions they feel are most important.

Whatever the reason, we hope this evaluation guide will come in useful during your search for the right school!


Here is your ultimate guide to better evaluate quality coding bootcamps:

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Ultimate Guide: Coding Bootcamp Questions You Should Ask

What else would be helpful as you evaluate schools?  Let us know by emailing hello@digitalcrafts.com with what you'd like to see!
Jason Ephraim

Campus Director, Houston