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Ultimate Guide: Questions You Should Ask When Considering a Coding Bootcamp

Choosing the right bootcamp for you can be challenging.

When you're looking for a coding bootcamp—the right one for you—it can be difficult to cut through the marketing jargon to understand the quality and content of a program. After a while, it can feel like every school teaches the same technologies, and you might feel like you don't know how to compare your options.

The best advice we can give to any prospective student is this: ask questions. Ask questions while you're doing your research, ask questions while you visit the schools you're considering, and ask questions afterward if you think of them. We've put together a list of questions to help in your evaluation. Here are some to start with:

The School

  • How long has the school been in operation?
  • What's the attendance policy?
  • What's the program's refund policy?


  • Is a college degree required?
  • What are my options if I'm denied?
  • How big are the class sizes?


  • Will I need to provide my own laptop?
  • What technologies are covered in the course?
  • If I need help outside of class time, what are my options?


  • Can I meet my instructor?
  • Can I sit in on a class?
  • How much experience does my instructor have in web development? In teaching?

As Admissions Director for DigitalCrafts, I realize that for every question an applicant thinks to ask, there may be many more. Maybe you're concerned about asking too many questions, and worry that it'll reflect badly upon you as an applicant. Or, maybe you're just starting the process of evaluating coding bootcamps and you don't know what to ask. Or, maybe you were in a rush and didn't have the time to ask all of your questions. (Tip: You can always send follow-up questions after your interview!) Whatever the reason, we hope these questions will come in handy during your search for the right school!

What else would be helpful as you evaluate schools? Let us know by emailing with what you'd like to see! If you'd like to learn about our Full Stack Immersive or Full Stack Flex program, download our catalog.

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