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We know big data. So can you.

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Study Data Analytics
& transform real data into actionable insights.

  • Industry-Aligned Curriculum

    We're constantly adjusting in response to the evolving market trends in data analytics and business intelligence, addressing standard industry practices and technology. You'll explore the tools and strategies commonly used to make ethical, data-driven, real-world decisions.

  • Experienced Instruction

    Our instructors are experienced data analytics professionals delivering lessons and projects developed by and for data professionals. Learn from seasoned instructors, supported by dedicated staff who sincerely care about your educational success.

  • Flexible Online Format

    We live-stream classes each day, combining the flexibility of online learning with the interactivity of classroom instruction. Need space to study comfortably? Students enjoy option access to any WeWork with an All-Access membership included with tuition. Find a WeWork near you.

  • Career Services

    The student success team strives to provide top-tier support to help you throughout the class and in your job search. You'll receive quality resources, resume and interview tips, leads on open roles within our employer network, and more.

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Working in Data Analytics

Data analytics continues to be an integral part of modern organizations. Data analytics professionals gather, clean, and translate an organization's data to identify trends from in the past, the present, and even into the future. Throughout this program, you can explore standard data analytics tools and strategies such as Python, structured and unstructured databases, SQL queries, business intelligence, and machine learning. You can apply those skills to real-world scenarios and learn how to effectively monitor and communicate your data findings.

Potential Career Paths

The demand for data analytics professionals is projected to grow quickly. The median annual salary for management analysts in the U.S. was $93,000 in 2021* with the employment of data science-related fields projected to grow 31% from 2020-2030.** Typical roles or job titles to pursue after graduation may include Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst, and Management Analyst. *** (view references)

Learning Experience

You will explore the methodologies, tools, and standard practices employed by data analytics professionals today and apply those skills to real-world scenarios. Our hands-on approach to class helps cement the fundamentals and results in demonstrable skills from projects you'll enjoy working on.

High Level Curriculum

At DigitalCrafts, you will learn the most cutting edge tools and strategies for the job market today. More importantly, you'll learn how to stay cutting edge for the job market tomorrow.

  • Data Analysis Fundamentals

  • The Basics of Python

  • Data Analysis with Python

  • Using a Database

  • Business Intelligence Development

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analysis Fundamentals

    ✓ Overview of Data Analytics
    ✓ Spreadsheet Functions & Formulas
    ✓ Data Visualization
    ✓ Probability and Statistics

    To begin, you'll explore foundational data analysis concepts while using a spreadsheet program. You'll summarize several real-world data sets and be introduced to probability & statistics topics required for more advanced analysis. Additionally, you will create several data visualizations and study best practices for choosing the right visual for specific data types.

  • The Basics of Python

    ✓ Programming with Python
    ✓ Intro to Jupyter & Anaconda
    ✓ Using Logical Expressions
    ✓ Working with External Data
    ✓ Writing Custom Functions

    Next, you'll explore the fundamentals of programming with Python. Here you will review how to program using functions, variables, conditionals, and loops. You will review how to use different data types and appropriate data structures to help you create simple programs.

  • Data Analysis with Python

    ✓ Using Pandas
    ✓ Working with Large Datasets
    ✓ Quality Assurance
    ✓ Identify Relationships in Dataset

    The amount of data you are analyzing is often not manageable for a simple spreadsheet. This section will introduce how you can use Python to analyze, summarize, compare, and visualize data. This module will also cover popular 3rd party libraries specifically designed for data analysis.

  • Using a Database

    ✓ Query data with SQL
    ✓ Logical Filtering
    ✓ Aggregate Data
    ✓ Join Data from Multiple Tables

    Next, you'll explore how to work with databases. In this section, you'll review best practices for database design and how to query structured databases using SQL. Additionally, you will be introduced to working with unstructured data.

  • Business Intelligence Development

    ✓ Dashboard Design
    ✓ Data Visualization
    ✓ Data Summary
    ✓ Dataset Filtering
    ✓ Backend Data Architecture

    In this section, you will explore how to create data visualizations and dashboards that translate large amounts of data and display essential information in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Classification, Regression, & Unsupervised Learning with Machine Learning

    ✓ Intro to the Numpy and Scikit-learn libraries
    ✓ Machine Learning Best Practices
    ✓ Data Categorization
    ✓ Logistic Regression
    ✓ Decision Trees
    ✓ Prediction of Continuous Value Outcomes
    ✓ Linear Regression
    ✓ Model Output Assessment
    ✓ Machine Learning Models
    ✓ Clustering Algorithms
    ✓ Model Output Assessment

    This section will explore how to create code that can decide which group a data point most likely belongs to. You'll work to develop training and test groups to allow the system to learn and make better, stronger, more accurate decisions. You'll also work to understand how to decide which models are appropriate, their strengths and weaknesses, and determine their accuracy level.

    You'll explore how to create statistical models which predict relationships between data parameters. You'll create training and test groups to allow the system to learn and make better, stronger, and more accurate models. You'll also review how to decide which methods are appropriate, the strengths and weaknesses of their models, and determine their accuracy level.

    Lastly, you will review how to make patterns by allowing your code to mimic data sets and then correct itself based on these patterns' errors.

16-Weeks, Full-Time, Live Online

Times are listed in Eastern Time Zone, but students join from all over. The below schedule is meant to demonstrate a typical day, but every class is different.


Lectures / Assignments

Students often start the day with a combination of live lectures delivered through Zoom, and self-led assignments and exercises designed to ensure the topic being covered is deeply instilled through hands-on learning. There are many different learning styles, and we work hard to craft curriculum that is highly effective for everyone.


Projects / Labs

We believe in learning by doing, and simulating the real world work environment as effectively as possible. During labs, you can expect to use the same tools and processes the pros use, working on real scenarios and problems that companies face every day. Working alone or in groups, you'll build in-demand skills that you'll be proud to discuss in your interviews.


Maximum Effort Required

This program will challenge you, and after a full day of class our students are often charged with completing additional assignments designed to push their abilities as far as possible given such a condensed amount of time. This commitment of time and energy requires grit and determination, but you can do it if you believe in yourself and put in the work.

Elective Workshops

Exclusive benefit for Students & Alumni

A career in data requires a lifetime commitment to learning new strategies, processes, and tools. We hold periodic elective workshops for students and alumni to help provide continuing education opportunities in myriad complementary topics. Every technology professional has heard the interview question, "Do you have experience with _?"

This is our way of filling in the blank.

Additional Course Information

  • What is DigitalCrafts?

    DigitalCrafts is a technology bootcamp and training provider. DigitalCrafts bootcamps are amongst the best-reviewed in the country, and offer intensive live instruction educational experiences for full-time and part-time students across the country. DigitalCrafts enterprise solutions include custom training and onboarding programs, as well as software staffing services for companies of all sizes.

  • Can I keep my day job while a student?

    Probably not for the full-time format, which is truly an immersive Monday through Friday experience. If dedicating 40+ hours per week isn't in the cards, consider a part-time format, which is designed with working professionals in mind. Part-time is coming soon for Data Analytics.

  • Is prior experience required?

    No, though prior experience is welcome, it is not required to apply to DigitalCrafts. Incoming students are assigned the applicable 'Intro Course' to help ensure everyone has some exposure before class starts.

  • How much is tuition?

    Base tuition for the full-time bootcamp is $14,950. A part-time format is expected in Q1 2023. A refundable $99 deposit is required to enroll.

    The remaining tuition may be paid in full before class starts, over 4 installments while in class, or financed over 3 to 15 years through one of our lending partners (though you're welcome to use your own if you'd prefer).

    Discounts: If you enroll within 5 business days of receiving your letter of acceptance, we will take $250 off tuition. If you enroll before the early enrollment deadline listed on our schedule, you'll receive an additional $250 off tuition. Note: Scholarship recipients are not eligble for any additional savings.

    More on tuition, financing, and scholarships.

  • Is financing available?

    Yes! We have partnered with Climb Credit to provide affordable financing options for our students of all financial backgrounds. Reach out to learn more, you can give us a holler at or (833) 327 - 2387.

    There are also plenty of options outside of our partnerships, such as WeFinance, Upstart, SoFi, or asking your employer to help fund your education. It never looks bad to ask for more training, and you might just be surprised by what you hear!

  • What about scholarships?

    Part of our mission as a school is to make a career in software as accessible as possible to the underrepresented and the highly gifted.

    As such, we're proud to award automatic partial scholarships for all underrepresented people in tech, including Black, Latinx, and Women students. We also offer The Builder Scholarship, awarded by committee to builders with especially compelling stories, achievements, and goals. More on tuition and scholarship awards.

  • How many students are in a class?

    Our average class size is currently 10-15 students. Your cohort may have more or less, as there is some seasonality in enrollment, but we always maintain an efficient and effective classroom environment.

  • What equipment do I need?

    Windows: Must be running Windows 8 or later in a 64-bit environment.
    Reliable broadband internet for streaming class.
    Camera and microphone (laptop built-in should be fine).
    16+ GB RAM Memory, 512 GB SSD (with 80+ GB available).

    Important: Apple Mac computers may not work for this class. We're working to find a suitable solution, but Windows only until further notice. Mac's are not (yet) supported by several important tools required for completion. Chromebooks and iPads are also not sufficient.

  • Is career support provided?

    All students receive the same level of career support, which includes resume guidance, career lectures, and exposure to our ever-growing list of employer partners. In addition, our dedicated Student Services Team is available to provide detailed feedback on everything from cover letters to emails to employers. We can't nail the interview for you, but we'll do what we can to help along the way.

  • How is DigitalCrafts different from other programs?

    A successful entrepreneur once told our founders that "succeeding in business is simple. Do what you say you're going to do, and treat every customer like they're your first and last. If you say you're going to perform a service for somebody, do it well - most people won't."

    We believe the above state of mind, a firm belief in honesty and transparency, and the hard work of our instructors and staff is what has set us apart. It doesn't hurt that our instructors are the best, our class sizes are smaller, and the cost per hour of instruction is well below our competitors.

    In addition, because DigitalCrafts also provides staffing services to corporate clients, we remain a valuable resource for our alumni throughout their careers. We want to help our students find their 1st job, and every job after that.

    Our alumni reviews tell it better than we can.

  • How can I ask more questions?

    Reach out anytime, our team is here to help. You can schedule a call, send us an email , or just give us a ring: (833) 327 - 2387. We look forward to meeting you.

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We know big data. So can you.

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