Mission & History

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I’m Max McChesney, co-founder of DigitalCrafts. The DigitalCrafts story began in 2014 with me as a prospective bootcamp student.

Several years into my career, I was working an office job that paid the bills but didn’t satisfy my curiosity or desire to build something new—a feeling many of our students have echoed in the years since.

DigitalCrafts History


DigitalCrafts Founded by Jake Hadden and Max McChesney


Inc 500 names DigitalCrafts as a "Fastest Growing Education Company"


DigitalCrafts dedicates $1 million to the "You Belong in Tech" Scholarship Program


DigitalCrafts joins the American InterContinental University System

Present Day

1200+ graduates strong, DigitalCrafts continues to develop and create programs with learners in mind

DigitalCrafts launched in 2015. In that time, we’ve helped over a thousand students work to develop industry-relevant skill sets through reskilling and upskilling courses to pursue a career path in technology—in weeks, not years. With classes taught live by instructors with years of real-world experience in their field, our curriculum is crafted with beginners in mind, combining live instruction with hands-on projects designed to effectively cater to all learning styles. On August 2, 2021, DigitalCrafts became part of the American InterContinental University System and is owned by American InterContinental University System, Inc.

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Mission Statement

DigitalCrafts is proud to be included in the American InterContinental University System:

The mission of the American InterContinental University System is to empower a diverse student body for academic, personal, and professional success, through a commitment to inclusive, student-centered support and lifelong learning.

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Certificate Bootcamps

Software Development bootcamps

Commit to an online program full-time, part-time, or flex option to study full-stack development including Javascript, React, SQL, HTML, CSS, and other skills and technologies to pursue a career path as a full-stack developer.

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Cybersecurity bootcamps

Train to defend against malicious cyber attacks. Review how to design and implement secure network solutions to find and fix security vulnerabilities and prevent data breaches.

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