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5 Ways to Learn to Code for Free in 2020

Programming is one of the most in-demand skills in the job market. Not only can you boost your technical know-how with a coding skillset, but you can also land a programming job or pursue a new career as a web developer. While the prospect of learning how to code may seem overwhelming, there are actually a ton of high-quality free resources available to help you get started on your coding journey.


FreeCodeCamp is host to thousands of videos, articles and interactive coding lessons, all freely available to the public. Also available is a large and active discussion community willing to help you as you build projects and answer your questions. FreeCodeCamp also offers certifications in JavaScript Algorithms, Responsive Web Design and more. By the end of the beginner course on FreeCodeCamp, you’ll gain sufficient knowledge to create and host a website.


Looking for a personalized learning experience? Codecademy is one of the most popular online coding resources, and for good reason. New users are assessed and recommended a personal curriculum path that guides you exactly where to start and what to learn based on your interests and goals. The free version includes 180 hours of content.

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript is a great way to practice JavaScript. There are over 80 simple exercise modules to get you started!

Learn JS

Whether you are an experienced programmer or just getting started, theLearn JS interactive tutorial is intended for everyone who wishes to learn the JavaScript programming language. This is a great place to start if you’re looking for a resource to prepare you for our coding challenge.


Khan Academy offers video tutorials on computer programming. Their free video courses will teach you how to develop webpages using HTML and CSS. You’ll also learn how to create drawings, animations, and games through JavaScript programming.

When Self-Learning Isn’t Enough

Feel like you've hit a wall with self-learning? Download our course packet for more information about our Full-Stack programs, or apply to one of our bootcamps to start the admissions process!

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