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7 of the Hottest Tech Companies Hiring in Houston in 2021

Houston's tech industry continues to grow despite being known for big oil. Many tech companies have branched out across sectors to help bring jobs to the city, and from start-ups to major companies, Houston continues to offer plenty of opportunities for budding software developers.

We've compiled a list of just a few of our favorite tech companies, both established and start-ups, to give you a jump on your search. All are actively hiring during the pandemic and looking for software developers, engineers, and other positions within the IT-sphere consistent with a code school graduate's skill set.

Primus Global Services

Primus was founded in Irving, TX, in 2002 and has grown to a team of more than 2,000 consultants with offices in the US, Mexico, India, and the United Kingdom. They provide IT solutions to various industries such as e-commerce, transportation, financial services and more. Current job postings show they are looking for Software Developers and QA Engineers.


PROS, headquartered in Houston, TX, helps businesses across industries respond to their customers using PROS' proven AI and personalized selling solutions. With offices worldwide, PROS' mission is to help people and companies outperform the competition using technology and their proven AI system. When you check out their careers page, you’ll see that they offer internships and a leadership development program for recent graduates as well as traditional career paths.


GoExpedi uses an e-commerce platform with its innovative supply chain model to reinvent industrial supply. While they initially targeted the North American oil and gas drilling market, they've expanded into the broader energy domain. They are currently hiring for a number of engineering roles in Houston, Dallas and Guadalajara.

Axiom Space

Axiom Space, based in Houston, TX, was founded by two former NASA employees to make Low Earth Orbit accessible to governments, researchers, manufacturers, and individuals. They have been involved in every International Space Station mission since the program's inception and have a passion for microgravity. The company's mission is to "Improve life on Earth and foster possibilities beyond it by building and operating the world's first commercial space station." They’re currently hiring for a wide range of roles, including IT support staff.


Softeq is headquartered in Houston, TX, and is a global full-stack development consulting firm with offices in both Germany and Belarus. The company designs and develops custom software, firmware, hardware, desktop and mobile applications, business web, cloud, big data, and machine learning-powered solutions. Softeq has been helping small to medium enterprises and Fortune 500 companies since 1997, working with big-name companies such as Lenovo, Microsoft and Verizon, among others. Keep an eye on the opportunities at this one!

Aspen Technology

Aspen Technology accelerates the digital transformation by optimizing assets to run safer, greener, longer and faster. Headquartered in Houston, Aspen Technology is embedding artificial intelligence throughout industrial manufacturing environments. They help oil and gas, chemical and engineering companies achieve their goals while keeping safety and sustainability at the top of mind. Right now, they’re hiring a number of software engineers in Houston.

Snap Stream

SnapStream helps organizations tell great stories by quickly finding memorable moments wherever they are. Using SnapStream, users can quickly search their recorded and live content to create and share the clips that matter most. With SnapStream, The Daily Show can find clips to tell their take on the news, or how Politico can rapidly post newsworthy stories on their social media channels. The company is based right here in Space City and boasts a casual, diverse, fun work environment while working hard at what they love. They’re currently hiring a front-end engineer.

Houston's Growing Tech Community

Houston is home to huge opportunity, and the demand for good developers will only continue to grow. With its wide range of opportunities across so many sectors, this is an exciting time as Houston grows beyond its historical focus on the oil and gas industry. There are open roles across many industries, from junior developers to senior software engineers. From startups to big enterprise, there are many companies bringing innovative ideas to life, and they’re looking for good help!

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