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Atlanta Startup Village: A Room Full Of Entrepreneurs

The Atlanta Startup Village is a monthly gathering of entrepreneurs and others in the Atlanta community that are interested in the new products and ideas coming out of our city. If you haven't stopped by already, the event usually draws well over 300 attendees, and features an assortment of startups that offer brief presentations on their products, followed by a quick Q&A with the speakers. Now familiar names like Yik Yak and Salesloft were presenters in their early days, and you can bet you'll be impressed by something new at the monthly gathering at Atlanta Tech Village, directly next door to DigitalCrafts.

Atlanta Tech Village Hosts ASV

September's event was no exception to the excitement, and we saw some great apps and ideas demo'ed to a typically large crowd.

Presenters included:

  • 1Q - a market research service that provides instant results via their huge mobile network of respondents.
  • Vendevor - a recent acquisition of Payscape, they can help mirror your ecommerce offering on your Facebook Shop page.
  • BASIQs - a "Game IQ" app for youth athletics.
  • Fete - they connect people to the businesses they visit.
  • Agrisource Data - "bringing usable and connected data to agriculture."

We also heard from sponsor Media Frenzy, a PR service that aims to ramp up the public presence of startups and established businesses alike. Lastly, Berkshire Terminus and Friendly Human spoke briefly as sponsors, the latter of which showed a trailer for a documentary devoted to Rhino conservation in Africa ("Rhino Man Project").

Atlanta Startup Village - September 2015

If I had to choose one presenter that really captured the audience's attention (or, at least mine), it would be 1Q. If you're a business looking for market research, for $1 per response you can instantly have hundreds of data points from whichever demographics you choose. They demo'ed a quick survey to 250 women between 18 and something, and the influx of realtime responses was very impressive. On the flipside, if you're interested in making a couple bucks playing with your phone, you can sign up to be a respondant and receive notifications when your profile matches a survey. I signed up, forgot about it for a week or so, and then made a quick $6 today just before lunch (which prompted me to spend an extra $6 at lunch).

Paypal payment success message on a mobile device

Screenshot of 1Q's mobile app in action.

Jake and I were volunteers and briefly spoke at last month's ASV, but you'll have to wait until the combined November / December event to catch us again (we'll be a sponsor). The event starts at 7:30pm (doors at 7) on December 7th, so mark your calendars and we hope to see you all in the crowd. Come up and say 'hey' if you can make it!

Until then,

Max McChesney Max McChesney Co-Founder, CEO LinkedIn