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Best Tutorials For Learning JavaScript & How to Build JS Applications

So you want to learn JavaScript? Go for it! JavaScript is an incredibly powerful tool and understanding how to use it can be a very valuable skill, indeed.

But let's be smart about this. There are thousands upon thousands of resources out there including books, videos, courses, and even apps designed to help teach you JS. The last thing we want to do is spend a lot of time on a course or get deep into a book only to realize it may not be the best one you could have used.

Not to worry, though. Here at DigitalCrafts, we are experts at helping true-beginners become JavaScript gurus (in less than 16 weeks!) and we wanted to share our guide to the best resources and lessons you can use right now to learn JavaScript without wasting any time or money.

For many of the books below, you will notice they are listed as "FREE/$___". This indicates that the resource includes both a free to read version online, as well as a physical or downloadable copy that can be purchased. Some books hosted on Leanpub also allow you to increase how much you are willing to pay for the book if you would like to help support the author more than is required. Please keep in mind the work and dedication required to develop these resources when using them, and we ask that you help support these authors if at all possible.

JavaScript Fundamentals Books

First, we need to build up a basic understanding of JavaScript.

JavaScript Fundamentals Books

Topic Type Link Price
Learn JavaScript Book A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript $7.99/
ES5 Book Speaking Javascript FREE/$42.99
ES6 Book Exploring ES6 FREE/$28.99
DOM Book DOM Enlightenment FREE/$9.99
JavaScript Intermediate Lessons

Next, we need to learn the various ways JavaScript can be used.

Intermediate JavaScript Books

Topic Type Link Price
Functional Programming Book JavaScript Allonge FREE/$26.99
Object-Oriented Programming Book JavaScript Spessore FREE/$19.99
Asynchronous Programming Book You Don't Know JS: Async & Perfromance FREE/$21.99
JavaScript Exercises

Lastly, let's put that JavaScript knowledge to good use!

JavaScript Exercises

Topic Type Link Price
Basic JavaScript Apps and Projects Online Exercises FreeCodeCamp FREE
Terminal Familiarization Online Exercises Javascripting FREE
Functional JavaScript Programming Online Exercises Functional JavaScript FREE
ES6 Intro Online Exercises Count Up to Version 6 of JavaScript FREE

Don't Stop There

If you are serious about learning to develop using JavaScript, or any language for that matter, the most important thing you can do is to never stop learning.

If you really want to up your game, Axel Rauschemayer suggests checking out for a ton of amazing (and free) online JavaScript books.

Special Thanks to JavaScript influencers Axel Rauschmayer (@raushma) & Reginald Braithwaite (@raganwald) for providing help and suggestions for this post.

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