Considering a Career in UX Design? Watch this Instructor Q&A

Are you considering a career in UX Design? 

Our upcoming UX Design bootcamp is starting on May 2. The program is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to obtain an entry-level job in UX Design. 
Leading up to the May start, UX Design Instructor Brittany Bellanca took part in live Q&A to discuss what to expect from the course and what sets DigitalCrafts apart from other bootcamps.
If you’ve been wondering what exactly is UX Design or how to get started, then catch the replay to learn if a career in UX Design is right for you. 

Why DigitalCrafts? 

We craft our curriculum with beginners in mind and combine live instruction with hands-on projects to give you the best learning experience. With the support from our experienced instructors and career and success coaches, students will have ample support as they transition out of the program, preopared for a new career. 

What is UX Design? 

UX designers make everyday products, services, and technology user-friendly and accessible. UX design focuses on the interactions and flow behind the elements of an interface. 
What Skills Will Students Learn In Bootcamp?
In the UX Design bootcamp, students will learn a combination of technical and soft skills as well technical software that will help as they prepare for a career in UX Design. 
During the program, students will create the following deliverables to use in their portfolios to help display competencies during the job search: 
  • User Personas 
  • Sitemaps 
  • User Journeys + Flows
  • Interactive Prototypes 
  • Usability Reports 
Still have questions?  Schedule a call with one of our team members to learn more. Sign up to receive the course catalog here


Bryana Wall

Marketing Specialist