Day One Recap: DigitalCrafts Atlanta's Newest Full Stack Immersive Cohort

On September 5th, DigitalCrafts kicked off another Full Stack Immersive program in Atlanta, our 14th cohort. Over the next 16 weeks, 19 builders will devote countless hours to growing their tech skill sets to become full-stack web developers.

Atlanta's September cohort is taught by Rob Bunch. This is his sixth cohort, and this time he is assisted by Developer in Residence Hayes Capers, who graduated from DigitalCrafts in early August. 

Builders on the roof

During the admissions process, we ask our students why they are interested in learning web development and where their motivation comes from. Here are some of our builders' answers: 

"I'm excited to learn how to think in a different way and cultivate skills that I can use to help make a difference. My ultimate goal is to play a bigger role and contribute to healthcare applications, and eventually build one of my own" - Binh Chung

"I've always loved to create and use technology to do so. I want to become a part of an up and coming technology company, develop invaluable skills, and grow as a developer." - Michael McFarland

"I'm on a mission to create a platform for people experiencing domestic violence that improves domestic and well-being, creates a community of support, and safety existing services. As a web developer, I can personally see this through and better communicate and collaborate with developers" - Mikayla Kelhofer 

"I know web development is constantly evolving and I am excited to for the opportunity to work with new technology and work in groups to accomplish goals. Going to work to help develop and design appeals to me and my creative side." - Amir Patel

Builders on the roof 2

The first day started out with a tour of the students' new home away from home, Atlanta Tech Village, followed by a round of "two truths and no lies." From this, we found out that all want to land a job at the end of the program, most students are native to Atlanta, half of the class can be found watching soccer on the weekend, one student wants to travel to Mars, and another student loves tap-dancing. 

For the rest of the day, Rob took over and the students got to work! They reviewed the course pre-work and Rob began teaching command lines and Python. With only 16 weeks in the program, every second in the classroom is valuable learning time. 

After class, the students headed up to the roof for a DigitalCrafts Meet and Greet. Instructors, admin, and students from Atlanta's June Immersive and August Flex programs were there to celebrate the start of another cohort! 

Builders on the roof 3



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Liz Carley

Director of Operations