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Atlanta and Houston Celebrate Graduates at Demo Day

August 9th was a DigitalCrafts Double Demo Day! Congratulations to the 14 students in Atlanta and 15 in Houston who completed their 16-week Full Stack Immersive program!

Alexa skills app project

Alexa Skills App by Atlanta students Drew Tolliver and Yingrong Zhao.

Atlanta Demo Day

When asked "why are you interested in learning web development?" our students in Atlanta provided various reasons, such as wanting an outlet to reach a broader audience and impact more lives, to become more marketable to future employers, to make a career change, and to develop practical solutions for real-world problems. It is safe to say that after 80 days in the classroom and over 560 hours of coding, our students are prepared to achieve their goals.

Atlanta Graduates

  • Hayes Capers
  • Nicolas Blumenstock
  • Drew Tolliver
  • Yingrong Zhao
  • Marissa Monivis
  • Guido Bacce
  • Merilee Wheelock
  • Chad McKee
  • Porscha Johnson
  • Chris Boeckel
  • Carla Severe
  • Shane Hall
  • Stephen Ward
  • Daniel Oliva

Final Projects

Skate Mapstrong (Hayes and Nicolas):An interactive map of the best skateboarding spots in a certain location.

Habitualem (Drew and Yingrong): An Alexa Skills application that records new habits and logs activities.

TraveList (Marissa, Merilee, and Guido): The ultimate packing guide to make sure you are prepared for any trip to anywhere.

WriteIT (Chad, Porscha, Chris, and Carla): A productivity tool for writers to organize, structure, and plan manuscripts.

Amazon Rouletteem (Shane and Stephen): An application to help you navigate the endless items within

Paku (Daniel Oliva): Worry less about finding parking in local neighborhoods with this app.

Porscha showing her project WriteIt

Student Porscha Johnson describing group project WriteIT.

Hayes Capers showing his project

Hayes Capers discussing his group project, Skate Map.

Atlanta cohort

Atlanta's April 2017 Cohort featuring Instructor Rob Bunch and DigitalCrafts Co-Founder Max McChesney.

Houston Demo Day

Over 120 people joined our Houston team to celebrate the graduation of 15 new full stack developers at our Houston classroom in Headquarters. In addition to friends and family, representatives from local businesses also came out to meet with our graduates from several companies including cPanel inc., and Poetic Systems.

Houston Graduates

  • John Spetseris
  • Paul Como
  • Alston Hsu
  • Jordan Benner
  • Aspen Hollyer
  • Ryan Leon
  • Tanweer Rajwani
  • Setya Seng
  • George Danforth
  • Sokhun Seng
  • Ronda Wylie
  • Eric Schow
  • Cristine Shipman
  • Felipe Augusto Martins Imanishi
  • Gene Grilli

Final Projects

In partnership with Timbergrove, a technology solutions company operating out of Headquarters, many students spent the last two weeks working in groups on real-world development projects relating to monitoring, logging, and presenting drone tracking information. This allowed students firsthand experience working as a part of a true development team and led to interesting presentations including the challenges of working with distributed teams, external data sources, and even hardware.

Houston Demo Day group shot

Attendees spoke with graduates about their work over the course of the bootcamp.

Houston Demo Day group shot

Alumni, employers, future students, and more came out to support Houston's newest developers.

DigitalCrafts Houston cohort

Houston's April 2017 Cohort featuring Instructor Paul Bailey and Campus Director Jason Ephraim.


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