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Level-Up Your Team

Do you need to address a tech skills gap or add talent to your team? Want to provide custom training programs and retention opportunities for your employees?

DigitalCrafts programs train students in Software Development, Web Development, UX Design, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics skills. We’ll customize our curriculum to fit your corporate and onboarding program needs to help you develop your team further.

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Skilled Candidates. Impactful Team Members

Find your next hire through the nationwide community of DigitalCrafts graduates. Our students are skilled and motivated individuals trained in today’s technologies and skills. From our immersive, instructor-led curriculum to continued education and career coaching, DigitalCrafts graduates are prepared to start making immediate contributions to your team.

Hire Our Grads
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Invest In Your Team with Customized Training.

Continuous digital transformation and evolving tech landscapes impact companies daily, whether by having to adopt new technologies or hiring new talent with specific skills and training. Strengthen your workforce with custom training programs designed to speed up onboarding periods, develop talent, and increase retention rates.

Corporate Training

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Technology and Design Programs

Software Development bootcamps

Commit to a full-time online program to study full-stack development including Javascript, React, SQL, HTML, CSS, and other skills and technologies to pursue a career path as a full-stack developer.

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Web Development bootcamps

Study on-line or in-person in a part-time program designed to introduce you to skills and concepts surrounding programming fundamentals and development including Javascript, React, SQL, HTML, CSS to pursue a career path in web development.

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Cybersecurity bootcamps

Train to defend against malicious cyber attacks. Review how to design and implement secure network solutions to find and fix security vulnerabilities and prevent data breaches.

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Data Analytics bootcamps

Study how Data Analytics is used to gather, clean and translate data into actionable information to identify trends from the past, present and future.

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UX Design bootcamps

Explore how to bridge the gap between ideas and prototypes, create wireframes, web-ready mock-ups, and a polished portfolio to showcase your knowledge of user experience design.

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